Live Blogging - Math Adoption, Part Four

Public Testimony

Ted Nutting - an honored and long-time math teacher at Ballard High School.  Really effective in his speaking - he gets kids at the end of the K-8 line and wants them to be ready.  He is retiring and believes Math in Focus is the best option.

Kathleen Voss - should you reject staff's recommendation?  Process was flawed and should they adhere to this "flawed process."  Staff time not spend on solutions but to discredit others including a top-performing school.

Another teacher, Mr. Parsley, (at K-5 STEM) started explaining how Schmitz Park came to get to Singapore math and how well it did.  70-85% of their students going to middle school place in honors math (and this includes students of color in that percentage).

Native American speaker, Marianne Peltier, spoke quietly but strongly about not supporting this math adoption; they support dual adoption.  She stood with about 10 other community members.  She asked why they could not have a cohort program at the high school with the most Native American students.  She reminded Super of Strategic Plan promises.


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