Shelter in Place at several Seattle South End Elementaries

 Last update: Police have suspect in custody.  Shelter in place lifted at all six schools.

Latest from SPD twitter feed 11:15 am:

According to Officers on scene at 51 Ave S/S Brandon St the suspect is fully contained within the suspects house.

From SPD tweets:

Officers responding to area of 51 Ave S/S Brandon St for a reported shooting. No known victims at this time. 

SPD says they are on their way to a "suspect residence."  

From SPS communications 8 minutes ago via Twitter:

Report of shots fired nearby. These schools in shelter-in-place: Orca K-8, Aki Kurose MS, and Dearborn Pk, Graham Hill, ML King, Wing Luke


Anonymous said…
I hope that no one is hurt, and it is terrible that our kids and teachers need to live in fear for their lives when they are at school.

This gun violence has got to stop. At least 3 incidence in the past 5 days in Seattle. SPU last Thursday, 1 dead and 3 injured. Day cares were locked down and school buses diverted. Sunday two men were murdered in the ID. Today elementary schools are on lock down.

Seattle Council PTSA membership voted last Monday at the general membership meeting to endorse I-594, Background checks for gun purchases. Did you know that you can buy a gun off the internet or at a gun show and they aren't even required to check ID, much less run the background check?

Check out I-594 here:

And you can send a postcard to your legislator that says NOT. ONE. MORE. here:

The Southend has had 9 shootings in the past two weeks or so. People living near Rainier are getting used to hearing gunshots. Helicopters circling above has become a common occurrence.

Sadly, the south-end gun violence is primarily gang-related. All the laws in the world won't help without an adequate police presence to enforce them.

There is no simple solution.
Anonymous said…
I support "common sense" controls on gang members and the criminally insane. I do not support further restrictions on the civil rights of law abiding citizens.

Molon Labe
Anonymous said…
We need to support whatever measures we can to reduce the violence in the Rainier Valley. Not only will it spread if we don't, but the people living there right now deserve better than the city and police are providing them, in terms of peace, safety, and respect.

Too often, people here Rainier Valley, and shrug. That's not good enough. Rainier Valley is Seattle too.

We need to lean on our pols and police to get busier and help the community out. No more de-policing and politics. The power vacuum gets filled too quickly by the wrong people.

Anonymous said…
This what not gang violence. A women with a history of mental health issues discharged a gun in her home and then threatened a neighbor who came to check on the shots heard. And gun violence is far from being a problem only in the south end of Seattle.


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