Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Live Blogging from Board Meeting

This is likely to be several threads as I continue to have issues with live blogging.

Right now the room is about half-full.  Ballard principal Keven Wynkoop was honored as High School principal of the year and South Shore principal Keisha Scarlett was honored as Middle School principal of the year.  (I believe this is for Washington State.)

2014 Golden Shoe Award for three schools were:
- Dunlap Elementary - highest overall rate of biking and walking in South Seattle. 33.3% reported walking or biking to school.
- Laurelhurst Elementary - highest over all rate of biking and walking in North Seattle, about 33%, walking plus 15.3% biking
- Broadview-Thompson - greatest sustained efforts, from 11.3% to 17.2% to 27% in 2013

President Peaslee teased that the Board would be walking around the room at 9 pm...when, she predicted, they would be half-way thru the agenda.

Right now there's a performance by the Taiko Drum team from Olympic Hills Elementary School.  Great stuff.

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