Live Blogging- Math Adoption, Part Five

Next speaker noted that President Obama's daughters had Math in Focus.

Sarah Sense Wilson said she approved  of a dual math adoption.  She also said the Board has a unique opportunity to honor what John Stanford promised - to pay tribute to a modern-day Native American leader.  She was speaking of Robert Eaglestaff.  He achieved success for their community and was a strong advocate for civil rights and equity.  Many more NA community members stood with her on the naming of the new Wilson-Pacific building after him.  Two students spoke on this point.

Carol Simmons - Dr. Simmons spoke about Policy 2185 and the need to help students who want to stay in school and participate in athletics.  She also said better math would be a considerable aid to these efforts.

Annabel Quintero - Pleased to learn that the Board, along with parents, have shared goals for academic outcomes for students.  Based on those goals, she believes they should adopt Math in Focus.  Language neutral and uses visional models and 62% of district are students of color.  This type of learning is better suited for those students.  Math in Focus does not rely onEnglish language   proficiency.   Great stats from this speaker.

Chris Jackins - capital items, he wants them to vote no.  District asked City Landmarks to vote no for a designation for Wilson-Pacific.  Landmarks Ctm voted 8-0 to approve the discussion of W-P to be a city landmark.  On math adoption, he says that the issues seem vague and need clarification.

Anne Sheeran - Policy 2151 -  This policy seems exclusionary for students with disabilities. 3247 amendment , no evidence for this policy again re: students w/disabilities.  She believes it should be revised by staff.

Damon Ellingston- teaches math at Seattle Central and UW and member of MAC.  His sense on the committee was that it was fair.  Felt community input aspect of deliberation was grossly mismanaged.  It seemed that obstacles were being put up to get community input.  Not heart-broken with enVision but feels a lot of acrimony between the teaching community and the family community.  Family community clearly wanted Math in Focus.  Less language reliant.  The best way to address this debate in favor of children is a compromise of dual-adoption.


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Thank you for live blogging Melissa - much appreciated!

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