The Supreme Court: Ball's in your court, Legislature

The Supreme Court had something to say about the lack of progress in fulfilling the McCleary Decision.  It's short but sweet.  They ordered the State to appear before them on September 3, 2014 to address why they should not be held in contempt by the Court.  The State must reply by July 11, 2014.

Here's what they say they can do to address the request for "relief requested by the plaintiffs:"

- imposing monetary or other contempt sanctions;

- prohibiting expenditures on certain other matters until the Court's constitutional ruling is complied with;

- order the legislature to pass legislation to fund specific amounts or remedies;

- ordering the sale of State property to fund constitutional compliance;

- invalidating education funding cuts to the budget;

- prohibiting any funding of an unconstitutional education system;

- and any other appropriate relief.  

I find it hard to believe they can order the legislature to pass anything.  But it would seem the others are doable. 

I am no lawyer so I have no idea if this is all realistic.  However, some of it must be true because if any entity holds the Court in contempt, there must be redress of some sort (otherwise, where's their power?)

There goes the summer for our legislators.


mirmac1 said…
Stop paying legislators' and staff salaries.
lowell parent said…
Hold the individual legislators in contempt and jail them.

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