Denny/Chief Sealth Music Leader to Leave to Work in Bellevue

From the West Seattle Blog:

Our area’s most-renowned music educator has announced he’s leaving for a new career direction, in another school district. Multiple award winner Marcus Pimpleton has told the Denny International Middle School and Chief Sealth International High School communities about his departure; he’s staying with the summertime Seattle Public Schools-wide All-City Band program, but otherwise, he is moving into a school-administration role in the Bellevue district.

From Mr. Pimpleton's letter:

I will miss working with you all during the school year, but am excited to share that I have been invited to continue as the Director and Program Administrator for the Seattle All-City Marching Band. Next year we will be celebrating our 65th anniversary and it will be my 25th year as a part of that program. I would love to see many of you participating next summer.

He's been a hard-working, dedicated leader in Seattle Schools.  What a loss but great that he is staying with the All-City Marching Band.

He also said this:

While I would have loved nothing more than to continue working with all of you, I believe that every student, in every school deserves access to rich and engaging teachers and curriculum and that it takes high quality school leaders to ensure that happens. I want to learn what it takes to be the type of leader that can help to ensure that all students have access to the high level instruction and experiences that put them on the path for successes in school, college, and life. This is a necessary step for me to do that.

I wish he was taking that step in Seattle Schools because we need more leaders like him.


Anonymous said…
My experience with Pimpleton is that he lacks the maturity to be an effective administrator, and that he holds parents in contempt. Perfect fit for Seattle. Just sayin'

music man
Anonymous said…
Great! Another teacher who has no experience with academic subjects becomes an administrator. He now can evaluate teachers in areas he knows nothing about. He would have fit right in with SPS principals- most of whom have no clue about the teaching of academic subjects and just flap their gums in time to the latest "Administration for Dummies" guidebook. I'm sure the gang will miss his oh so valuable input.
Pimple That
Anonymous said…
While he is a gifted music teacher, I'm glad he will not be an administrator in our district. His strength is his relationship with students, but he doesn't always have rapport with teachers and staff nor respect different viewpoints, which will be important in his new role. I would not be happy with him as my administrator.
Two Cents
Anonymous said…
The Peter "Principal" in action

music man
Anonymous said…
Yuck you folks need to chill out. I'm sure he will do just fine and glad he isn't working with the back stabbers that you guys sound like.

mganchanmi said…
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