PBS Has Story on IB at Rainier Beach

Somehow I missed this but PBS had a story in June.  on the International Baccalaureate program at Rainier Beach High School.  I am glad they are getting this notice. 
The International Baccalaureate program, once thought of as a college preparatory curriculum exclusively for the rich, may also help students at struggling schools. The NewsHour’s April Brown explores how the program has transformed one high school in Seattle.


Anonymous said…
Saw this when it aired -it is definitely worth watching. Amazing students and Colin Pearce is a treasure.

Longtime Lurker
mirmac1 said…
What a truly informative report. It's all-good when Duncan/BMGF/CCER decide "hey! Let's proclaim that we know how to fix graduation rates by touting IB!".

When the rubber hits the road, where are these roadmappers?

As a SpEd mom and leader, I can say with authority that, yes, students rise (or fall) to the level expected of them. Unfortunately in our case it is inconsequential. By leaving our kids out of progress measures then....problem solved!

How 'bout less lip-service and more (philanthropic) funding of the initiatives the zealots espouse.

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