Luck Has Nothing to Do with It

Tell your kids - nothing worthwhile comes easily.  Working hard, having discipline to learn (and possibly master) something has so many different kinds of reward.  (It also helps to have parents who believe in you and are willing to allow you to explore different interests.)

From A Mighty Girl
Williams holds the most Major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined among active players, both male or female -- 36 Grand Slam titles in all. If she wins the US Open in September, she'll become the first player to sweep all four majors in the same season since Steffi Graf in 1988. Regardless of that outcome, Serena Williams' place in the history books as one of the greatest tennis players of all time is assured.  

At 33, she's the oldest player to win at Wimbledon.  Boo-yah!


Anonymous said…
By far the finest serve ever seen in women's tennis.
At 5' 9" and 150 pounds, Ms. Williams powerfully disrupts the body image sold by the fashion industry. America's next top model... you go girl.

-- Dan Dempsey
Anonymous said…
google tennis and steroids. it's hard work plus juice.

Nw mom said…
Serena is the queen. Love watching her.

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