Sunday, July 05, 2015

Don't Forget to Register to Vote

From the excellent political e-mail newsletter, Sol's Civic Minute from former McGinn staffer, Sol Villarreal, this reminder that tomorrow, Monday, July 6th, is the deadline to register online/mail-in to vote in this year's primary on August 4th.  

You have until July 27th to do it in person.

October 5 is the deadline to register online/mail-in if you want to vote in the General while October 26th is the deadline to do it in person.

This is a big election year for Seattle and Seattle public education.  Who gets on the City Council and their attitudes/beliefs about what role the Council should play in public education is important.   As well, the School Board elections are important, too.

Look for The Stranger to release their coveted and profanity-laced endorsement list next week, just in time for the ballot drop.

Another good source of info on what is happening at the STILL on-going Legislative session (number three), comes from Coalition to Protect our Public Schools.  The two big issues are the Transportation bill and I-1351 for lower class sizes.  There is a bill to delay (and likely kill) I-1351.

I would like to explain the underlying causes of these two conflicts and propose that the best way to break the gridlock in Olympia is to listen to the concerns of those who voted against the agreements made by the House and Senate leaders. 

Was the cause of the Rebellion in the Senate House Bill 2214 or Initiative 1351?
Senator Nelson stated that the reason she voted against House Bill 2266 was to protest the failure of the Senate to pass House Bill 2214- which Nelson and the main stream media claim is a bill to help 2000 more students graduate in 2015 - but is in fact a bill to accelerate the SBAC test monopoly – and thus place the graduation of 50,000 students at risk in June 2016. However, if you listen to the 5 am Floor Speeches of the Senators who voted No on this bill, you will reach an entirely different conclusion. Every Senator who gave a speech on why they were voting no stated clearly that the reason was the failure of the House and Senate leaders to even have a discussion about how to fund Initiative 1351. They all pointed out that there were more than 20 days left in the 3rd Special Session and they wanted at least one day to be used to have a discussion on how to at least partially fund Initiative 1351.

Too hot at your house?

As promised, here's that $50 DIY A/C setup, courtesy of Molly Brown at GeekWire.


Anonymous said...

Small flaw in the AC design....all the melted ice produces a rise in humidity and that moisture will go somewhere creating mildew. AC units not only cool but dehumidify which is significant in air conditioning. If you use ice in plastic you notice a decrease in efficiency which will continue to drop as the ice melts creating a layer of insulting warmer water between the plastic and the ice.

I would imagine you can get the same results with an ordinary swamp cooler, which is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHbQYajfGqM

No need to make ice so this works when you cant find or make ice.

Keep Cool

Christina said...

I was let down by some of last year's endorsements by The Stranger. They've replaced many of their editors with people from out of state after an internal schism about the $15/hour minimum wage issue, all but one of the contributors who do have kids have also witnessed their high school graduations, so sadly I will trust The Stranger's endorsements as much as I trust those made by the Seattle Times. Also sad that the activist Eat the State! newspaper is no more, but thankfully there's The Seattle Medium, whose past endorsements seem cogent and respectable.