What's More Important?

Update: And this from CBS Minnesota: 

Reality Check: Trip To Pluto Cost Less Than Vikings Stadium

$720M spent going to Pluto; $1B for Vikings stadium



n said…
Stadiums - the subject of John Oliver's last rant - Beware: Oliver is adults only

"Rather than spend $1 billion on a stadium," Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation, quoted an economist as saying, "you're actually better off flying a plane over a city and dumping $1 billion on the populace and just letting them pick up the money and spend it."


What would I do without Oliver, Maher and Stewart? Maher produces an HBO follow-up to his regular show called Vice which is a Frontline type of investigative show. These people are our true journalists today. At least they are if you want to know "the other side of the story."

Stadiums become emotional and when people let emotions rule, they make some ridiculous choices. I've voted against every stadium proposal made. I love all our teams but the trade offs do not make sense to me. Let these millionaires-turned billionaires pay for their own stadiums.
Anonymous said…
" I've voted against every stadium proposal made." So did not majority of voters, but that didn't stop the construction.

Anonymous said…
The Oliver video stated:

Stadium replacement rate in the last 20 years in the U.S. = 90%

What has the school replacement rate been? Makes you go "humm...." Or swear!

Sports fan said…
I pay plenty of taxes for things I don't like. Build an arena and get me a hockey team!
Anonymous said…
I am a sports fan too. You can have your stadium after we get the schools and roads we need.

SportsFan 2
Anonymous said…
Wow too many transplants here, we had hockey teams here Joe, they both went broke!

I'm a pickin and I'm a grinnin

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