Ballard High Area Alert

From Principal Keven Wynkoop,

To Ballard Families,

I wanted to notify everyone about a concerning incident that took place at school around 11:30 this morning. A female student was walking back onto campus returning from lunch. She observed a man in a red pick-up truck follow her into the school’s north parking lot and stop at the curb near the gym. As she was walking by the truck, he exited the vehicle, approached her from behind and slapped her butt.

Although the student escaped without anything further happening, we are quite concerned about this incident and wanted to alert our community.

Description of the man: 30 to 35 years old, Hispanic Male, Average Size, No Facial Hair

Description of the truck: Shiny Red, 2 Door Pick Up Truck with a white sticker on the back window, Possibly a Dodge

If you see a person and truck matching this description, please notify the police and/or call the school to report it. The license plate number would be especially worthwhile. Do not approach the vehicle if you see it, but sending a picture to school officials would be helpful.

I do not want to overly alarm our community, but the safety of our students is our top priority. This is a good reminder to not walk by yourself and stay alert to your surroundings. If you have any questions or concerns, call the school at 206-252-1000 and ask for Security or an Administrator.


Anonymous said…
JAMS parents received a message today that a student threatened to bring a gun to school on Friday (via a note in the bathroom, found by other students). SPD was called and the situation was diffused. Students did the right thing and reported the note to school staff.

Anonymous said…
A couple of years ago (maybe 3?) there was a report of a man in a red pick-up around Whittier Elementary trying to lure kids into his truck. Don't remember the details or description of the man - but could be same person/truck.

Thank you, Ballard-ite - it's important for everyone in that area to be alert and keep an eye out for this truck.
Anonymous said…
I thought the Whittier guy a couple of years ago was a yellow sports car.
Anonymous said…
The Whittier guy was in an older red pickup, not hispanic, and probably in his late 30s to early 40s at the time.

jd said…
There were also red pick-up reports at BF Day during the last year or two.
Anonymous said…
Interested about the JAMS gun threat thing. What heppens to the student in these sort of cases? Am i the only person that finds it worrying that they are likely still at school? What is to say they don't make good on their threat at a later date, or if it was determined to not be serious this time - what about the next time the student is angry/upset??
Thats why we need fewer guns/more restrictions - kids can make threats, let off some steam that way, but with the easy access to guns there is a real risk they will take it further in the heat of the moment.

Anonymous said…
I had similar thoughts, worrier. They have the obligation of protecting the privacy of the student that made the threat, while also needing to ensure the safety of students. A student will most likely deny they intended to bring a weapon to school, but how do parents and students know there are additional safeguards in place? Maybe the incident is being downplayed, or maybe it really is nothing more than what was relayed to parents. You just don't know. JAMS does have a locked campus - visitors must be buzzed into the building once classes start - but that doesn't do much if the threat is from a fellow student. This could happen at any school, as students are dealing with all kinds if pressures in and outside of school, but it's unsettling, nonetheless.

-another worrier

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