Student Data Privacy; Gotta a Story?

A PBS producer is looking for parents who can talk about specific instances of where they think their child's data has been breached or abused, and they have been harmed as a result. She wants at least 5 specific parent /kids stories to profile for this piece.  She is not interested in Class Dojo.

This is her email:


x said…
Late to comment here, but I'd have to think that there might be a very intersection of parents with kids who have been both:
- harmed by data breaches
- want to talk publicly about it

First, most of the harm from data breaches isn't immediately obvious. It may come when you turn 18 and first apply for credit, or it may come through increased insurance premiums, lost job opportunities, and so on.

If you already know your child has been harmed, there's a good chance this is not something you'd want to talk about publicly. Food for thought.

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