Wonder What He Would Do to K-12?

I cannot imagine who would bring us more grief - President Trump or President Carson - and I don't want to find out.

From Daily Kos:
Ben Carson: I'll turn Department of Education into investigator of professors' 'political bias'

To briefly recap, the retired right-wing neurosurgeon argued last week that he doesn’t want to shut down the federal Department of Education; he’d prefer to turn it into an investigatory body in which it would “monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias.” If a Carson administration decided it disapproved of the “extreme” political speech on a university campus, the school would lose its federal funding.

To add, great words from the great Robert Reich, now a professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor under Clinton.  

Among the current crop of candidates for president of the United States, who exhibits leadership and who doesn’t?

Leadership isn’t just the ability to attract followers. Otherwise some of the worst tyrants in history would be considered great leaders. They weren’t leaders; they were demagogues. There’s a difference.

A leader brings out the best in his followers. A demagogue brings out the worst. 

Leaders inspire tolerance. Demagogues incite hate.

Leaders empower the powerless; they give them voice and respect. Demagogues scapegoat the powerless; they use scapegoating as a means to fortify their power.

Leaders calm peoples’ irrational fears. Demagogues exploit them.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm. I have trouble with political bias of professors too, but would never suggest panels to run out the Commies. Sounds dangerously un-American. Deja vu.
Anonymous said…
You're right. Public education has flourished under the last 8 years of Democratic rule. Let's keep it up. [Sarcasm intended]

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