Seattle Schools Good News

From SPS Communications:

The Washington Art Education Association (WAEA) announced two Seattle Public Schools’ teachers as Educators of the Year for the elementary and middle school levels. Jennifer Lundgren of Montlake Elementary School and Jennifer Heller of Eckstein Middle School received the award based on their accomplished teaching.

The WAEA recognized Lundgren and Heller for their involvement at the local district level in curriculum development, art shows and contests and program advocacy. In a statement, the WAEA said these teachers set examples for how visual arts should be taught at the elementary and middle school levels. The award was given to these two teachers for “standing out above and beyond all their peers in local and state levels of participation, education and advocacy,” per the WAEA.

“Seattle Public Schools is lucky and honored to have two outstanding teachers selected for the Art Educator of the Year Award,” said Gail Sehlhorst, Seattle Public Schools program manager for Visual and Performing Arts. “For state agencies and associations, broad geographic representation is important, so this noteworthy.”

The teachers will be honored during an awards luncheon at the annual WAEA conference on Oct. 24, 2015 in Leavenworth, WA.

Also from SPS Communications,

Hawthorne Elementary School has been chosen to receive the prestigious Johns Hopkins University National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) Award. This is the first time any individual school in Seattle has won the award.

Every year NNPS recognizes districts and schools that demonstrate excellence and continuous progress in applying research-based approaches to implement goal-oriented programs of school, family, and community partnerships.

Congrats to all these fine educators and schools.


SPS Mom said…

Christine Benita, the Hazel Wolf K-8 E-STEM Coordinator as been selected for a 2015 Patsy Collins Award! There were 3 teachers selected, but I don't know the other two (they aren't on the website yet).

"The Seattle Foundation, on behalf of an anonymous donor, presents the 2015 Patsy Collins Award for Excellence in Education, Environment, and Community. IslandWood is pleased to select and honor three amazing teachers who are inspiring young people every day by taking learning beyond the classroom.

The Patsy Collins Award is made possible through a designated fund set up by an anonymous donor at the Seattle Foundation, and was created to reward teachers who embody the spirit of Patsy Collins: educators who create learning experiences that make a difference for kids, their communities, and the earth. Three recipients will be selected annually, with each receiving a $10,000 award.

As specified by the donor, a selection committee will be formed by representatives from The Seattle Foundation, IslandWood, and the community. IslandWood is delighted for The Seattle Foundation to present the Patsy Collins Award at IslandWood’s annual fundraising breakfast, Waking the World, as we come together to celebrate these teachers who put into daily practice the core values of IslandWood."

More info about the award at:
Thanks, SPS Mom. More good news from our schools.
Patrick said…
Yay, Ms. Benita! Couldn't happen to a better teacher!

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