Help Our Ultimate Frisbee Students

From Chief Sealth news:

Chief Sealth is launching their first all-girls Ultimate Frisbee team and they need YOUR help to get jerseys. They've entered in a video contest, and the YouTube video with the most likes wins free jerseys and equipment. We are currently in first but Franklin and Nathan Hale are quickly catching up! Please help our team win this contest by searching "We're Making History Frisbee Team" on YouTube and liking this video. It will help our freshmen players and girls who don't have jerseys.  

Whichever school you choose to support, make it a Seattle school.  (I'm inclined to vote for Sealth because they are just starting out their all-girls team.) I can't seem to find the Franklin or Hale video at YouTube; if you have a link, send it.


Anonymous said…
Here is the link for the Hale Girl's Ultimate Frisbee video.

They are a wonderful, welcoming, and dedicated group of young women.

- Hale Dad
Anonymous said…
Yep, Hale has one up too.

Josh Hayes said…
I can only urge people to support this whole project. Ultimate is just about the best way I've seen to build community around physical activity, and it helps kids, boys and girls alike, develop skills that will be useful to them for the rest of their lives. Teamwork, joy, sacrifice, dealing with losing, all these things come up in our lives and learning how to deal with them is extraordinarily useful.

The sport is really inexpensive to do, too, which helps overcome a lot of equity barriers.

And come out and watch a game if you get a chance, single-sex team or co-ed, high school, middle school, whatever. It's a ton of fun.

Disclaimer: neither of my kids is actively involved in ultimate at the moment, but both were really into it in middle school at Pinehurst/Licton Springs.
Catherine said…
Funding projects like all of these uniforms could be a Youth Voice Youth Choice proposal:
Anonymous said…
Like Chief Sealth, Rainier Beach girls are also in its first year and need help with jerseys. And they are far further behind in the "like" count. You can access all four videos
here. (Hopefully the link works!) I understand the top *TWO* teams win jerseys.

Don't want to take anything away from the great girls at Hale but want to ensure that all voices are heard.

Hale Ultimate Mom

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