LGBTQ Youth Leadership Conference

From the GLSEN Washington State Chapter:
GLSEN Washington State is excited to announce that this year's Puget Sound LGBT Youth Conference will be held Saturday, February 6th at Miller Community Center in Seattle from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Our keynote speaker this year is Conner Mertens and Aidan Key.

In 2014, Conner Mertens became the first active college football player to ever come out publicly about his sexuality. Since then, he has been involved with groups like GLSEN, PFLAG, The Trevor Project, HRC and many more. Recently, Mertens started his own non-profit called Out on the Streets to help homeless LGBTQ youth across the United States.

Mertens grew up in Kennewick in Tri-Cities, Washington, where he was the youngest of four boys in his family. His main areas of focus are anti-bullying and suicide prevention as well as LGBTQ athletics. We are excited to have him at our conference!

Aidan is the founder and director of Gender Diversity, an organization that provides education to teachers, staff, counselors, and administrators regarding gender-inclusive schools, grades K-12. Additionally, he provides support for families of transgender and gender-nonconforming children and teens through his Gender Diversity parent support groups located primarily in the Pacific Northwest and soon to be implemented nationwide as online video support groups. Key speaks regularly to universities and organizations seeking to expand their knowledge of issues related to gender identity in children and adults. He is also the founder and director of the Gender Odyssey and Gender Odyssey Family conferences.


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