South Shore Invites 100 Black Men to School

From SPS:

National African-American Parent Involvement Day
February 8, 2016
7 a.m. – 2 p.m.
South Shore PK-8

In a dynamic family engagement event, South Shore Pre-K – 8 School will be host to over 100 men of African descent, welcoming every child with enthusiastic “high fives” to school on Monday, February 8th in honor of the school’s 8th annual celebration of National African-American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID).

Thereafter, families, district leaders, community members and friends of South Shore will participate in a day-long program of activities that will engage students and attendees to strengthen school-family-community partnerships to advance student success.

From NW Facts:

The goals of the event include:
  1. Reframe the social and racial narrative concerning Black men by displaying and exposing students to the diversity of Black male excellence;
  2. Affirming the importance of educational equity by celebrating children and families of African descent; and
  3. Catalyzing regional adoption of NAAPID at other schools, school districts and communities throughout the region.


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