Wednesday Open Thread

Quite the discussion here about equity - I'm hoping to make Director Geary's community meeting today from 4-6 pm at the NE Library to get her insights on the use of the  Racial Equity Analysis Tool.  It could mean sweeping changes in how resources are allocated, services delivered and what focus there is in the classroom.

The district's home page has new links on the right on bell times, kindergarten and the 2016-2017 calendar.  As well, on the same page, they are still asking for input on the website.

Also from the district, the three finalists for K-5 Language Arts curriculum.  As I previously reported, two of these are beyond the $3M budget but it was unclear which two those are.  I'll ask.

Good (and sweet) news from the Times - Kimball Elementary had a read-a-thon to raise money for new books for their library.  They exceeded their goal of $3,000, raising over $6,000.   They decided to give a portion of the extra funds, $1,000, to Van Asselt students for their library.  Van Asselt is about three miles from Kimball.   Kimball's own starting library fund of $2,000 had come from PTA funds. 

What's on your mind?


Watching said…
I would like to add my voice to those expressing gratitude.

I had the opportunity to watch hundreds of students graduate and I'm grateful for parents that volunteer, caring teachers that give and give, administrators, coaches, and our school board members that dedicate countless hours to the well being of our students.
Anonymous said…
From what I can tell, National Geo is a reading-only curriculum.

-writing matters
Cynthia K said…
Has anyone else noticed that the day between semesters is listed as Wednesday, February 1st? In 15 years in Seattle Schools, it has always been on a Friday. This seems odd.
Karen said…
I noticed Cynthia! Now, my kid will miss 2 days of school since we always took a 3 day weekend trip to see family since it's cheaper to travel than the other breaks.
Anonymous said…
I listened the NPR report on the Interagency program twice this morning, with tears both times.

I'm rooting for those kids I heard this morning, who told their stories eloquently and reminded of the challenges these kids are facing. Both of them called out Kaaren Andrews and the Interagency program for supporting them in meeting the milestone of graduation. They march tonight.

Andrews commitment to these kids and this work is nothing less than saint-worthy.
Po3 said…
Just listened to that story. Amazing that Ms. Andrews ran into one of the students in Portland and encouraged him to come back to school, which he did.

Very inspiring.
Anonymous said…
Writing Matter,

National Geographic has a writing curriculum. It covers many genres of writing (including those required by the Common Core). It also has daily grammar lessons and practice.

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