Monday, November 21, 2016

Calling It For Reykdal

I'm calling it for Chris Reykdal for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The vote count is under 28,000 votes and Erin Jones has never closed that gap since election day.

The vote margin will end up being less than 1% and a difference of about 28,000 votes.

I think both candidates had good campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Jones has conceded.

-- Ivan Weiss

Anonymous said...

Good campaign? Really? Dangerous people everywhere - watch out for the camouflage:


The Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee (SEAMEC), a nonpartisan group that rates candidates for local elections based on their positions on LGBTQ issues, is revoking its rating of state superintendent of public instruction candidate Erin Jones….

…When SEAMEC then looked back at its candidate questionnaire from June, group leaders realized that Jones had also stated to SEAMEC that she was against a ban on conversion therapy for minors—in other words, that she was against banning a widely debunked and harmful practice that attempts to force LGBTQ youths into being straight or cisgender. In early August, two months after Jones submitted her SEAMEC questionnaire, Seattle banned conversion therapy on minors. (more)


Melissa Westbrook said...

McClureWatcher, I am aware of all those things. I was just trying to be kind after the election. I'm sure Jones is aware that things do not go well.