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The district is seeking parents, staff and community members to be part of the K-5 Gender Identity Materials Task Force.  (I have a call in to ask how many members there will be on the task force.)
This year-long Task Force will be vetting materials and helping create literacy-based lessons with gender-focused books appropriate for K-5 classrooms. Specifically, the focus will be on gender expression and gender identity. Task Force members will be selected to represent diverse perspectives.  

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Task Force, please complete our online application process before November 14, 2016.
Also, from the Soup for Teachers Facebook page, a link the Transgendered Language Primer.

The district has also announced several workshops on college readiness and filling out the FAFSA for financial aid to college.

There will be several meetings for the new Robert Eagle Staff Middle School community.  (Of course, who exactly that will be is unclear at this point.) 
Upcoming community meetings where you can join Principal Campbell and the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School community to learn about the new school, share your ideas, and celebrate learning.


PoorState said…
Did anyone go to State of the District at Franklin HS? If so, please share details.
I did but not many did. Once again, no Mayor, no City Council members and just a couple of Board members. Betty Patu shared a moving story about how her family came to the mainland - in groups, not all at once - from American Somoa. She talked about going to school and how the teacher could not pronounce her name and just pointed at her. She said, "No child should have to change their name or feel invisible at school." Bravo, Betty.

Superintendent Nyland spoke about good indicators for the district including the fact that Franklin sends the highest number of freshman to UW than any other school in the state. There was not any real new data from him.

He stated that the mentorship program thru My Brother's Keeper for chronically absent students at Aki Kurose was having good outcomes. This is very similar to what Everett starting doing more than a decade ago and they raised their graduation rate from 53% to over 80%. Wish it hadn't taken SPS so long to figure this out.

One key statement from Nyland was this, "We are united in commitment to eliminating opportunity gaps and accelerating learning for each and every student."

That word "accelerating?" Might be useful for HCC parents.

One student, Azura Riyabji, who is the 2016 Youth Speaks Grand Champion for Seattle, gave a rousing spoken word about black youth. "Can't be silent in this skin because it speaks for me."

I left before it was done so I don't know if there were any major announcements.

Hugh Ishii said…
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It would help students to understand some of the more concerning objects which they have learned earlier so this would ease up their career too. economics mba programs

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