West Seattle High Students Walk Out in Protest of Trump's Election

From the West Seattle blog:
10:23 AM: About 200 students from West Seattle High School have walked out of their classes and are headed south on California SW toward The Junction.  

10:50 AM: The group has reached The Junction. A TV helicopter has picked up on this so if you are hearing/seeing a helicopter, that is what is going on. 

11:15 AM; The group rallied at the Jefferson Square corner plaza (photos above and below) and then headed back to WSHS, where we’re told they’ll be talking with principal Ruth Medsker.
What participants were telling us is, what happened last night does not represent the future that they want, the America that they believe they belong to and belong in, and they will work to embody the values they want to see represented.  

Organizer Max Lemke told his classmates that they need to be better people, so that there is hope for their future. Love will trump hate, he told them.

11:48 AM: At the school, the principal took the students into the theater so they would have a place to talk. She said she understood they were angry and wanted to express it. Media were not allowed in.


Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter what they want, they didn't win an election. Don't they teach civics anymore?

Anonymous said…
This message came from the superintendent of schools where I attended school from K-12th grade, in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago. I would love to hear Nyland speak to our Seattle community with such grace.

Here's what the school superintendent wrote to the entire community:

Good morning, E-Town -

This is Dr. Witherspoon.

Once in a while it’s important that we pause and reflect on who we are and reaffirm our appreciation for one another.

This morning I want to remind all of you that ETHS is a safe and welcoming place for you. You attend a school where we not only respect differences, we embrace our diversity.

We embrace one another’s race and ethnicity. We embrace one another’s family background, heritage, language and culture.

We embrace one another’s religion and your right to your own personal customs and beliefs.

We embrace your sexual orientation and your gender identity.

We embrace your special needs.

We embrace you and value you as individual human beings.

Never forget: you belong here at ETHS—each and every one of you.

Today, I urge you to be kind and caring to one another. Redouble your support for one another. And even though we cannot always control what is going on in the larger world around us, we can define our own school, our own community.

Let’s make this school year a year of strengthening our sense of community here at ETHS, and let’s reaffirm a community legacy for all the students today and for those who will follow you at ETHS.

The sun is shining today. Your school is a nurturing place for you to learn and grow. Your futures are bright.

Let’s protect and take care of each other. Everything is going to be okay.
I love all of you. Fill your hearts with love for each other. And no matter what, remember, even today, that it is a great day to be a Wildkit.

--Concerned Hamilton and Cascadia parent
Ruh Roh said…
Have you seen the list of what Trump wants to do in his first 100 days?


Note especially:
"4. School Choice And Education Opportunity Act. Redirects education dollars to give parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. Ends common core, brings education supervision to local communities. It expands vocational and technical education, and make 2 and 4-year college more affordable."
Steve said…
Good for them. I sat around all day moping and worrying about the future. They did something. Way to go...
Many Problems said…
The election is over.

We have been put through a lot. Clinton was gracious. It is time for to take Clinton's lead and address issues when they arise.

Americans need to understand that there was a group of people that were unhappy with the Clintons and for good reasons. Americans rejected Clinton 8 years ago. Next time, Democrats need to get a better candidate.
Anonymous said…
I'm hearing about high school students who are conservative and/or Trump supporters being bullied relentlessly today and coming home crying. NOT OK!!!

Anonymous said…
Yeah, not ok. Respecting differences means also respecting different political viewpoints. 20% of King County voted Republican/Trump. Odds are some of them are SPS teachers or parents of SPS students. I'm not sure how today is any different, however, for a conservative leaning student. They probably learn early on that it's not safe to share political viewpoints falling outside the dominating liberal narrative of many classrooms.

I appreciated hearing about schools and teachers sending positive, let's support one another type messages to students. Emotions were high, and some teachers needed to be consoled by students.

Anonymous said…
And I have heard of girls being told by boys that it is okay now to grab their pussies, white kids chanting "Build the Wall" at their brown schoolmates, black face at University of Oregon, trans kids committing suicide; Trump has made all forms of bullying acceptable. Families who supported Trump shouldn't be surprised that some of this will blow back onto them. If bullying is acceptable to Trump supporters, which I assume it is if they voted for the bully, then what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
At HIMS a child mentioned in the class her parents voted republican as they believe in the values, but do not like Trump. The teacher and her classmates handled it well according to my child. The Teacher used it as an opportunity to support the student and talk about our democratic process etc. She also talked about promoting values of inclusiveness, respect for all races, ethnicities, religion, gender, stating that school is a safe place etc. I understand the principal and other teachers also reiterated the same theme of inclusiveness and a safe place etc. to all students.
-a HIMS parent
Anonymous said…
At my husband's job a man, who was also Latino, stated he was voting for Trump because he could never vote for a woman. My husband who is white and a progressive democrat was surprised, and inserted his own progressive opinion. It is easy to think about how the media is reporting a breakdown of votes along racial, college versus no college lines etc. However, we need to all be careful with our assumptions. That is not always the case. Also, I posted progressive, educated and inclusive posts about our values on FB and I was surprised at how husband's relatives, poor, did not even graduate HS, white in a rural depressed area of a red state who likely did not vote, checked "like". We need to reach out where we can to promote our values. It does no good to only talk to people who agree with us.
Anonymous said…
I think the point of Mom's post is you don't fight hate with hate. The discussion is about what happens within school walls and how we teach children to have respectful civil discourse, even when your viewpoints differ. I think we can all agree that hateful behavior is not acceptable, no matter your political affiliation. Allowing students to walk out of class for an anti-Trump rally also gets into the issue of a public school favoring one political viewpoint over another. Yeah, democracy is messy.

I did see the video of footage of middle schoolers chanting, "Build the wall." There's a needed dialog right there.

Superintendents in Boston, St. Paul, and Denver sent home messages to their students.


From Superintendent Tommy Chang in Boston:

"Resources from Teaching Tolerance, a project by the Southern Poverty Law Center, about handling the day after the 2016 election are available here. Additional resources will be posted to the BPS homepage and Social Emotional Learning and Wellness website.

As we engage in discourse, it is essential to emphasize the social emotional learning hallmarks:

Self-awareness: How am I personally feeling?
Social-awareness: How are others feeling?
Self-management: How will I behave now that I know how I am feeling, and how others might be feeling?
Relationship-building: How will I interact with others based upon what I know about their feelings?
Responsible decision-making: What actions will I take to appropriately express my feelings in a way that is also respectful of how others might be feeling?"
Many Problems said…
Let's not forget that many didn't recover from the Great Recession. They are hurting and Clinton allows jobs to flow out of the United States. These people have legitimate concerns.

Many liberals plugged their nose and voted for Clinton. We share concerns that TPP took jobs out of the county, which led to greater income inequality.

Hilary lost the presidential election 8 years ago. Why did Dems think she could win this election? I do think Dems need to move outside of their bubble.

Trumps comments regarding women prompted mothers and daughters to have serious conversations.

Protests made clear that the American public will not accept racists and sexists. Trump is one man and love trumps hate.

I'm moving on.
Moving On said…
Trump called-out a sell-out Democrat and won.

I wish more people would challenge sell-out Democrats. Perhaps, we'd be in a better position. I will also argue that Democrats support too many sell-out Democrats. Let's look at Mullet; a guy that supports charter schools. While it is great that Magendanz got tossed out of office...Democrats really need to recruit true Democrats.
Anonymous said…
The important thing for people on the other side to remember is we have stopped the progressive globalism movement and now know who the enemy is and how they slither around in the shadows. God willing we will see the appointment of 2-3 new conservative supreme court judges that will put our legal citizens welfare above others regardless of race or gender. They will protect and adhere to the constitution of the united states. We will see the reach of the federal government curtailed and power returned to the states and the people.

Oh and Black lives matter movement-----Bye Bye and respect for police retuned!

Anonymous said…
True Democrats? Oh please elaborate.

Chris S. said…
Let's not forget that 46% of people didn't vote. He's got a very weak mandate.
Anonymous said…
@Chris S

Remember "It's a rigged system"

Anonymous said…
It's time to get rid of the Electoral College. There are petitions circulating out there. Please sign them.

Anonymous said…
Chris, a 50-60% voter turnout has been the norm for decades. It was up around 5% this election, according to AP, plus a record number of voters turned out for early voting.


pesky facts
Moving On said…
True Democrats don't sell-out our public education system and seek to silence the voice of voters, Moxy. Care to argue the point??
Moving On said…
Clinton would have continued down the path of privatization of public education- just like Obama and Trump. Sometimes there is no difference between Republicans and sell-out Democrats.at least in terms of education.

If Dems want to support sell-outs...then, so be it.
Moving On said…
Lastly, Trump was appropriately called out for the manner the manner in which he treated women. Shall we talk about a Democratic president and the manner in which he treated women? I'm talking about Bill Clinton. Does anyone care to defend Bill Clinton? In this case, what is the difference between a Republican and Democrat?
Anonymous said…
"It's time to get rid of the Electoral College. There are petitions circulating out there. Please sign them." Really ignorant statement. Perhaps you should consider moving to another country. I recommend Venezuela.

I'm taking my ball and going home ...sore loser.

Get real
Anonymous said…
Sorry I think you are mistaken, Trump said he wants education to be a state issue not federal. He said Federal dollars will be attached to students in the form of vouchers and not handed over to states. Under our new president WA is free to choose it's own educational destiny.

More truth
Anonymous said…
Trump is a business man and will work on polices that dismantle our public education system as we know it. He has no ethics or background in education. It is the foundation of our democracy and one can look around the world or learn our about the history of education in the US to learn why public education is important for a democracy. His Trump university scandals also show his support for a sleazy "for profit" model that takes advantage of our most vulnerable.
I have many concerns, domestic but also foreign policy. I am concerned about his foreign policy statements PolitiFact checked like NATO is obsolete, "maybe it's not so bad and enjoy yourself folks" if Japan & N Korea enter a nuclear war, Iran Nuclear deal etc. Then there is the domestic issues, "SS is a Ponzi scheme and we should get rid of it" statements. Hopefully his more extreme statements will be countered by elected officials with actual political experience.
-real truth
Moving On said…
Clinton would have supported charters and Trump supports vouchers. Either way, the federal government would have a hand in dismantling education. I'm confused. Please clarify your statement. You said that Trump wold attach dollars to vouchers. Then you stated Washington is free to choose it's own educational destiny.

Add John Edwards to the list of lovely Democrats. Let's look at the manner in which Edwards treated his wife.

I didn't vote Trump. I am merely suggesting that Democrats live in a bubble and forgot about a large group of people that felt disenfranchised. Trump was their hope.

Moving On said…
I am also stating that Democrats have supported Wall Street Democrats. That is on them.
Anonymous said…
I think you need to research the Democratic party, they have done some hideous things and their political tactics are very nasty as well. Both Sanders and Trump were political party pirates. Sanders just didn't know how to play their game and Trump did.

Anyone who compares what Bill Clinton did - being a hound dog - to what Trump did obviously has a very limited scope of understanding.

The point about the Dems losing focus and not listening across the board is true. I will also say that Obama probably would have except for all the roadblocks thrown in his way by a do-nothing Congress.

And Obama is still president. Let's see what he does.
Anonymous said…
Moving On, it's your belief system that will cause the schism that looms in the Democratic Party. "True Democrats" don't exist. You apparently want a strict ideology in your party. That will always lead to diminishing returns.

Charter schools exist in 40+ states and many of those states are deep, deep blue, e.g., California and Massachusetts. Democrats can support school choice without being "sell outs."

As for Mark Mullet, he's a D winning in a legislative district that elects Rs. Would you rather have a "true" D run as a candidate and lose the seat, or celebrate a moderate D who can win?

FYI - I was a longtime D who has left this party. And there's a reason (beyond gerrymandering) why we find ourselves in a country with a newly-elected R president, both houses of Congress that are R, the majority of governors R, and the majority of state legislatures R. The Democratic Party is a mess. I'm a man without a party.

But Alexander, charters are now seeing a slide downward. Didn't lift the charter cap in "blue" Massachusetts. Didn't get a freeway for charters in Georgia. Washington State Supreme Court will likely overturn our law. NAACP and Black Lives Matter want a moratorium on charters.

No, not all sunshine and rainbows.

I'd rather have Mullet than Magendanz for sure. And with Litzow out, it's even better.

Well, if the Dems are a mess so is the GOP. They may feel all greater for a bit but those divisions will come out. And they elected themselves a maniac who they cannot control and have no idea what he will do or say on any given day. Good luck with that.
Anonymous said…
Melissa, a halt on the expansion of charters --- as the NAACP and Black Lives Matter called for --- is not the same as a slide downward. Don't get ahead of yourself.

And I have no delusions about the mess that is Republican party --- their day of reckoning is upon them. I am not a Republican in any way. As I said, I have no party.

I pushed back on Moving On's ideologically driven comments. There has to be room in the D tent for moderates. Moving On would like to see them all expelled. I left of my own accord as I didn't feel welcome.

Anonymous said…
And as for the Massachusetts charter vote, does it really sit well with you that white, suburban voters overwhelmingly voted AGAINST school choice for students of color when those same families of color overwhelmingly voted FOR charters?

Are you truly not seeing the parallels to the presidential voting? Whites overwhelmingly voting against the interests of people of color?

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Moving Along said…
Really, personal attacks are not attractive, helpful or deserving of a response.

As an aside, why did Democrats kick Karen Frasier to the curb and support a pro-charter candidate?
Moving Along said…
Neither Clintons actions or Trump's actions are acceptable.
Moving On said…
I will continue to disagree with Alexander. Privatization of public education is a progressive movement and Mass. residents had to go up against a heavily funded campaign to disallow the charter cap from being raised; the results could have looked differently.

Elected officials that support charter schools are most certainly sell-outs. Privatization of public education also weakens unions. As for Mullet vs. Magendanz, I am merely suggesting better candidates need to run.
Anonymous said…
Government sponsored public education used to be considered an essential part of a strong national defense. This idea lost credence in recent decades as businesses were allowed to piggy back off education in other countries and skim their talented workers. However, if Trump sees fit to close the borders (to whatever extent) then high quality US public education again becomes a keystone in a strong national defense policy. Hear that, pants-wetting Republicans???

Additionally, in today's world, climate change is the “biggest long-term security threat” facing the region (as said by Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III, head of U.S. Pacific Command, back in 2013). Ironically, if Trump re-negotiates the trade negotiations to shore up local manufacturing this would be compatible with the establishment of new technology and environmental safeguards because higher priced, carbon neutral US goods could be protected - hopefully by tariffs against foreign goods. This would be a completely visionary policy - and he might be the only one who could implement it. Mass immigration is the future in a climate-stressed world - and they might very well fight their way into the north. Hear that, pants-wetting Republicans???

I think we can transmit these ideas to the new government in language they can understand and appreciate.

However, if Trump determines to continue the Democratic policy of "Wall Street Uber Alles" without shoring up public education and the environment then all is lost.

I voted for Hilary because I found it difficult to vote for a molester who had to turn to reality TV to shore up his checkered business dealings. However, the Democrats sold us out decades ago - as Moving On cogently points out.

Anonymous said…
The Republicans are already starting to talk about privatizing Social Security, reducing Medicare, rolling back all safety guards for LGBT, eliminating clean air and water rules, etc. I don't trust a man who says Make American Great Again on Chinese made hats.

Anonymous said…
HP, Republicans have been talking about these things for YEARS. Where you been?

In case you didn't get the message, elections matter.

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
thank GOD the good guys are now in control of this government.

Charlie Mas said…
LAPD reminds me of one of our false beliefs: that the good guys win. How could it be that in every conflict the good guys always win? One answer is that a supernatural entity puts a thumb on the scales in favor of the good guys. The more plausible answer for me is that both sides believe that they are "the good guys" and that the other side are "the bad guys". Get it? Everyone thinks that they are the good guys. Even the bad guys think that they are the good guys.

Since the victors write the history books, the narrative at the end is always that the good guys won. See? No matter which side wins, they declare that they were the good guys, so they declare that the good guys won.

People need to question the narrative and the narrator. To fail to do so is very, very dangerous. The more that people are convinced that they are right, the more they give themselves license to do wrong. No one was more convinced that they were right than the fellows who flew airplanes into buildings on 9 - 11.

Don't be so sure that you're right.
Don't be so sure that you're the good guys.
Don't be so sure that your rivals are the bad guys. Ask them, and they will tell you that they are the good guys and you're the bad guys. They will believe it just as sincerely as you do and they will be just as astonished as you are that you see it the other way.

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