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From a classroom in Chicago
Want to support those who feel fear over the election of Trump?  Here's a thought; a safety pin, via Vox.
If you missed my updates on the Growth Boundaries (from this week's Work Session), you might want to check them out.

There are two community meetings with directors tomorrow and I suggest you check into one if you boundary concerns:

Director Geary, NE Library from 10 am to noon
Director Blanford, Douglass-Truth Library from 10 am to noon

An early heads up for an event for kids with autism - Sensitive Santa in Issaquah.

There will be a "Bell Time Hearing" at Catherine Blaine Elementary on Monday, Nov. 14th at 4:30 pm.  Sue Peters and Pegi McEvoy, assistant superintendent of Operations, will attend to hear about the bell time changes are affecting students.  As well, there will be discussion of the additional 20 mintues to be added to the school day next year and late start/early dismissal one day a week.
(Editor's note: this came to me via a reader.  Normally, a hearing is a legally required meeting (for example when the district wants to pass its budget or put up a levy) and I do not believe that is what this is.)

The Seattle International Film Festival is having its Seattle Shorts program this weekend. Here's one item of interest for parents:

Seattle Shorts Industry Panel
​Breaking into the Business: Young Actors -

 3pm @ SIFF Film Center
Do have a child in your family that's interested in acting for the camera? Maybe you just want to know what's it like to be a child actor? The Seattle Shorts Film Festival has the perfect answer for the curious festivalgoer, parent, or kid who's looking to get into the entertainment business.   Join us Sunday afternoon at the SIFF Film Center for a Q&A panel featuring some of the best child stars in the entertainment business. How did they get started in this business? How do they deal with the pressures of this industry?
What's on your mind?


Anonymous said…
are you going to post your coverage on the dashboard board work session?

Anonymous said…
walkout against trump monday

BB, could you send me details? I heard about this but don't know anything except that the district says it will counted as an unexcused absence.
Anonymous said…

A statement from SPS suggested students would only receive an unexcused absence if they participated, and that staff would not participate but may be present to supervise students. With the walkout being planned for a specific time, I'd be concerned about planned opposition to the walkouts. I'd also be concerned about lack of supervision and protection for all students, whether they participate or remain in school.

-a reader
Anonymous said…
Kids learn their behavior from adults. So now we have the biggest bully of all as president-elect. Kids are already increasing their attacks on fellow students nation-wide because the 'president' says it's ok.

I suggest SPS rid itself of all adult admin bullies. No more hiding behind procedures and protocols and PC language. Just as Trump beat the tax laws, it may be legal but bullying is never moral or ethical.

If you really are outraged and not simply whining, this would go a long way in uplifting us all and actually showing kids that bullying is wrong.

What say you?

Anonymous said…

Outsider said…
On a non-election note, I noticed this headline at CNBC:
"Trump infrastructure plan may have a hard time finding workers"
Clinton was promising the same sort of infrastructure spending; politicians always do. Whether a broke country can afford it is another question, but CNBC goes on to mention that even now:

"Construction companies are already scrambling to fill open positions. Some 221,000 construction jobs were open in September, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is more than four times the number at the start of 2012.

"Some two thirds of construction contractors report having a hard time finding skilled workers, according to a survey earlier this year by the Associated General Contractors, a trade group. The shortages were most pronounced in the South and Midwest, where three-quarters reported having a hard time filling skilled job openings."

It calls into question the conventional PC wisdom that every student must go to college and pile up debt earning a useless degree in oppression studies. Skilled construction jobs supposedly pay above $35 per hour total comp, which is in line with a school teacher with ten years service. Public schools have betrayed students by not giving them access to these jobs.
Charlie Mas said…
Outsider is right when stating facts, but intentionally makes those facts hard to accept by wrapping them in a ridiculous lie.

Think how much more effective this comment would have been without this absurd sentence:
"It calls into question the conventional PC wisdom that every student must go to college and pile up debt earning a useless degree in oppression studies."

So what's going on here? It's like a lot of people have been saying. Political conversations are no longer people talking to each other, but people talking past each other. This comment, with this sentence in it, isn't here to inform people or persuade people. With this sentence in it, this comment is here to troll people. It's ability to inform or persuade has been compromised - if not negated - by one absurd and unnecessary addition. This comment, which could have benefitted everyone who read it with the lasting light of knowledge and understanding, now only benefits the author with the ephemeral warmth of petty vindictiveness. Instead of a giving statement, it became a selfish statement.
Anonymous said…
A couple of years ago, there was a thread here on Seattle kids attending college in Canada. I remember that there were some interesting comments on that thread, and that one parent posted a link to some additional information and insights for kids considering this option. If anyone remembers this or knows how to link back to that thread, please let me know.

Thank you!

-Seattle parent
Outsider said…
Charlie, thanks for the compliment. I thought it was a modest effort, but you practically nominated me for the Troll Hall of Fame. I'll display your comment on the wall of my cave.

For anyone aspiring to be a good troll like me, here is some advice: nice people like Charlie keep their comments to one dimension and avoid making connections. Boooring. Trolls try to make arguments on several levels simultaneously in a way that is suggestive of connections between the levels. It's like a trap. To change metaphors (which trolls do a lot) it's like the witch in Hansel and Gretel who lures you in with a house made of gingerbread, and then tries to stuff you in the oven.
Anonymous said…
My Oh My ... here we go

The Superintendent who supported BLM now takes a pass on Trump opposition.

He messes up mightily when advocating or not advocating for a political party rather than staying silent or putting forth a position.

My thinking is there are certain elements of BLM that are distortions just like most if not all political parties. The District should steer clear of support for political parties and focus on discussing, educating and enlightening students on various aspects of complex issues rather than pushing party line propaganda.

-- Dan Dempsey
Getting Tired said…
There is an interesting thread on Soup for Teachers. Two individuals are gathering info for an article we plan to write on Advanced Learning programs - HCC, AP, Honors, etc. At least one of these individuals supports the elimination of advanced learning pathways. I believe one of these individuals has been advocating for the elimination of advanced learning pathways.

I would caution people about advocating for changes to advanced learning programs throughout the district based on anecdote.(!!)

Let's remember that it is important for Honors and AP classes to be meaningful.

Thanks to Charlie Mas. I appreciate your comments.
Carol Simmons said…

Does anyone know what data was discussed regarding the the District Scorecard/Operations Data Dashboard and a "Closer look at select indicators and opportunity gaps" as listed on the Agenda at the Work Session? How much time was allocated to the presentation and to the Question and Answer discussion?

Also, Regarding the Agenda for the Nov 16th School Board meeting:
What happened to the Item "Racial Imbalance Analysis" that was listed on the Draft Agenda of Testimony topics and Action Items? Was that discussed? Was the Racial Imbalance Analysis for Magnolia discussed?

Did Director Harris' motion pass to postpone decisions on Boundaries until staff presented racial balance for each proposed change? Will that data be presented?

thank you

Yes, Getting Tired, I have no idea why those individuals are asking for comments except to get a very broad overview and what they are getting are micro-level experience. There is nothing scientific about doing that so anything they write is going to be mostly opinion.
Anonymous said…
Latest numbers on the race for Superintendent (11/14 @6:43pm):

Reykdal 50.69%
Jones 49.31%

About 30,000 vote difference


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