Washington State Superintendent Looks to Be Chris Reykdal

Checking the latest numbers from the Secretary of State's website, it looks like Chris Reykdal will narrowly take the state superintendent position by about 30,000 votes (.22%.)

There are about 170,000 ballots left to count throughout the state with King county having the largest number at about 64,000.  Looking at the vote counts from the counties with major outstanding numbers of ballots AND who has consistently been carrying what county, it look like Jones will not catch up.

A recount happens if the vote count is less than 2,000 votes apart.   That does not appear to be the case here.


dan dempsey said…
US Secretary of Education
Now that Chris R is in, we can wait for Trump's Secretary of Education.
Anonymous said…
Thinking Trump might just get rid of the DoE. Other Repubs have campaigned on that and it would fit with his market-first and ban the bureaucrats approach. Whether it is broken up or someone like Eva Moscowitz - market-based education reform - is placed into the head spot, public school oversight will get worse under Trump and that's a bold statement considering the disaster that was Arne Duncan under Obama.

To be clear, it apparently will NOT be Moscowitz as the head of the DoE, although she was a prominent name. She met with Trump and subsequently took her name off the list, says this article today.

Anonymous said…
well at least we have the right one here. don't expect education to be a big deal for the donald.

* no more common core rewards
* leniency on charters
* more money to the states

two out of three isn't bad for our state.

But if the "more money" is money for charters and vouchers, not so good. (But I doubt we would allow vouchers in WA state given the lack of outcomes for other states.)
Watching said…
Congratulations to Superintendent Chris Reykdal.

Meanwhile, Dorn is trying to ram through changes to ESSA. This issue should be addressed by the incoming SPI and not Dorn. I've not forgotten that Dorn worked with the Gates Foundation to undermine our highest court ruling and Democracy.

Joanna said…
It seems like that it is time to call the race.

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