Monday, October 16, 2017

Let the City Know to Include Seattle Public Schools in Planning

From SPS parent, Valerie Cooper Jackson:

Dear school advocates,

As our city grows, we are keenly aware of the increased infrastructure needs of our public education and we as parents, families, educators, and concerned citizens have increased our voice to let our elected official know that we deeply care about this issue.

I recently learned that in 2015 the city council amended the charter for the City of Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development to specifically include that they will develop planning strategies that support the public school facility needs now and in the future. This is very good intention, though there currently isn’t specific budget and staff time, or a specific planning process for this work. 

  The City Council Budget committee met last Friday and this topic was brought up in public testimony and by City Council members. You can watch it here: http://www.seattlechannel.org/BudgetCommittee?videoid=x83801

Now, over the next 6 weeks, is when City Council is deliberating on the budget, so THIS WEEK is a critical week city council to take steps to include a budget request that OPCD intentionally develop the planning strategies for school facilities. 

If we want to ensure that we have great schools in Seattle as we grow and develop, it is imperative that the City and school district continue and increase their collaboration on planning for school facilities. Funding the urban planning process through the OPCD to create a comprehensive, intentional and transparent process will help ensure that each child in Seattle has access to a high quality school facility.

Please contact our city council representatives TODAY and ask them to support a budget request for OPCD for urban planning for school facilities. With a deliberative and intentional urban planning process that addresses public education needs, we can equitably plan for the whole city's education infrastructure.

Please email and share this email!

Mayor: tim.burgess@seattle.gov

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