Thursday, August 29, 2013

Marni Campbell Leaving Seattle Schools

Marni Campbell, Executive Director for the NW, is leaving to become the Executive Director of Instruction and Innovation in Highline School District for Susan Enfield.  (Oddly, the notice of her hiring just calls her "Executive Director of Schools" which sounds like a far larger post than for just a region.  Probably an oversight.) 

I don't see this as a big loss for SPS as it seemed that she was largely ineffective as the Special Ed director and Executive Director.  I felt she had been an effective principal when I knew her at Eckstein.

But, there's another hole at SPS.  And, Dr. Enfield, knowing the people and the lay of the land at SPS, is carefully picking people off. 


Anonymous said...

Good Riddance! She was one of those overpaid bodies keeping seats warm downtown.

Sorry Highline

Anonymous said...

Let Enfield pick them off. My only question is what kind of strategy Team Banda has in mind.

Mr. White

Anonymous said...

She apparently was a great principal at Nathan Hale and a lot of people still miss her there.


Kate Martin said...

I hope Dr. Enfield picks off Michael Tolley soon.

dw said...

Kate said: I hope Dr. Enfield picks off Michael Tolley soon.

Ha ha ha!! Best comment of the week, at least on a per-word basis.

This guy needs to go. As quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

Susan Enfield is political and ambitious and doesn't really care about long-term positive, deep impact on students.

She'll be in Highline long enough to burn teachers out by putting test scores above all else, then she'll be picked off to work somewhere else for more money. I just hope it's not Seattle.

Seattle's in total chaos and lacks an effective leader, true, but we were in chaos and lacked an effective leader when Enfield and her rubber duckies were here too.

Here's what I hear from Seattle parents, "I love our school." "My son has such a great teacher." "The schools are awesome despite downtown."

Here's what I hear from Highline teachers, "It sucks." "We're overwhelmed." "I have to have a safe word because I have so many violent kids in my classroom and there's no support."

Despite everything, Seattle school staff continue to function and care for kids. We've spent years without help from downtown, and we're doing okay.

I feel sorry for Highline teachers.

-Bad Rubbish

mirmac1 said...

Campbell lasted two years in that position. Is that a record for this career-climber position?

Anonymous said...

So, the District doesn't have superintendents sign some sort of non-compete agreement? Recruiting is really expensive. If nothing else this is saving other districts a lot of recruitment time and incurring a loss for our district. Since each district has to build their own talent I say overall this sucks for us.

Hello board? Contract terms revision time?


Valerie said...

Doesn't Campbell and Harmon realize that Enfield know that Enfield has a long history of ort term employment?

Anonymous said...

My daughter was at Hale when Marni Campbell was principal there. She had her adherents, but I was not one of them. In my experience, she lacked the adaptability and flexibility that a good principal should have. We were less than impressed. My daughter took a full load of Running Start classes as soon as she was able to.

-- Ivan Weiss

word said...

You really succinctly hit the nail on the head. Very well stated.

Charlie Mas said...

How's that six month effort to build trust coming along? The Board may have declared a "fresh start", but they are turning over staff just as fast as ever.

Anonymous said...


Turning over (some) staff is actually something to be lauded at JSCEE. I can think of some seat bun warmers, for some.

WV: drivole 13

Anonymous said...

The Highline position is not a regional position. It's a districtwide position. Enfield has made all kinds of title changes, everyone is a chief now instead of an assistant or deputy. Campbell's position is different than the three regional Directors who oversee principals (two of those are former SPS principals, Jennifer Renig and John Boyd, though Boyd was at Highline before Enfield). Campbell will essentially be in charge of curriculum and instruction.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Harman and Campbell know exactly how long Enfield usually stays in jobs. Maybe they're counting on it. All I know is that the word on the street is that if you can get out of Seattle Public schools, either as a building administrator or in the central office, that is a better choice than staying under the current superintendent.


mirmac1 said...

I would *gag* pick Tolley over Campbell for T&L. Why do I feel there really never was a true choice...?

Anonymous said...

Melissa, would love to hear more specifics to support your contention that "Marni seemed that she was largely ineffective as the Special Ed director and Executive Director. I felt she had been an effective principal when I knew her at Eckstein."
Curious reader

mirmac1 said...

Curious Reader,

Campbell was a terrible SpEd Director. She liked going to Cabinet meetings and hanging with her BFF Enfield. She would flat out lie to sped families. If you called her on it, she would give you the stink-eye. What an utter waste, and a big part of why OSPI has finally branded SPS as "needs intervention".

Melissa Westbrook said...

What I know about her being a Special Ed director comes from Special Ed families(and you can see what Mirmac1 thinks).

As far as Executive Director, I rarely heard from either principals or parents that she stepped in to help. When I would see her at district meetings, she rarely said anything.

She was a decent and available principal when I was in the PTA at Eckstein. She listened and I felt like the staff supported her.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Marni Campbell is now heading up the new Eaglestaff middle school in Seattle. The district just announced it to those families in the area. Is this a good thing or not? It's one thing to take over a school, but quite another to build it from scratch...