New Principals Announced for West Seattle Schools

From the West Seattle Blog:  

Shannon Stanton was announced by Superintendent Banda as the new principal of Alki Elementary.
Ms. Stanton comes to Alki from Pine Tree Elementary in the Kent School District, where she has been principal since 2011. She is committed to the academic initiatives at Alki and we believe she will be a great fit for the Alki community.

Connie Aleman as the new principal of Gatewood Elementary:
Ms. Aleman comes to Gatewood from Wedgwood Elementary, where she was assistant principal last year. She is committed to a collaborative approach and we believe she will be a great fit for the Gatewood Elementary community.


mirmac1 said…
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Charlie Mas said…
Somebody help me out here.

What is the process for appointing a principal? How is the level of community participation determined?

Why do some school communities told "Here's your new principal!"?

Why are some school communities assigned an interim principal who, if acceptable, will be appointed as the long-term principal in the middle of the school year?

Why are some school communities engaged in the process with a hiring committee?

What is the procedure and how is the level of community engagement determined?
The Superintendent says, in both press releases, that the school community was part of the decision but at what level, I don't know.

But again, Charlie's questions are valid and no one will ever answer them.
Anonymous said…
Should Alki be worried that Stanton is the partner of Shawna Heath and has her stepson at the school?

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