Arson at Madrona Elementary School

The Times reports an arson-based fire at Madrona sometime Sunday morning.  It was reported by someone who drove by the school and reported seeing fire.  (Good thing or there might have been more damage.)  According to the report, the damage was about $1,000 to the exterior of the building, $1,000 to a shed and $500 for the contents of the shed.

Any Madrona parents/staff who might know what was in the shed?


Charlie Mas said…
There have been a series of arsons in the neighborhood. Perhaps you heard about the fire at Mediterranean Mix? There is reason to believe that the fires are politically motivated. Read this story - and the comments - from the Central District News.

Given the situation with the ACIC, an arson at a local school - especially one like Madrona that could be seen to represent gentrification - isn't out of line.
Charlie, that did cross my mind. I wonder if the person who reported it, started it because it got reported so quickly and put out.

Madrona is largely minority AND fought any kind of gentrification for a long time (only to see its population dwindle).

I wonder if given the heightened tensions surrounding the Mann building if the district might not want to have some extra security.
joanna said…
Since I live here and have just barely heard ACIC as an acronym, in posting it probably would be helpful to just say Africatown Community Innovation Center. The building was leased to Work It Out. Was it leased again for the summer? Is there any real documentation regarding what the classes are and how many students are being served. I have see a few students and others at the building, but have never seen a place to sign up classes with a list of instructors.

Umoja P.E.A.C.E Center is a few blocks away. It is not difficult to evict trespassers. Does the District want to give the building away. If not, how did this become an issue? All the actions by the District so far seem disingenuous.
Charlie Mas said…
The District does NOT want to give the building away.
joanna said…
Charlie, I hope that they do not want to give away or sell any more buildings in the CD. I am saying that all the drama allows for a lot of different speculation with no real transparency. Maybe you have more information than the rest of us. It would be a service if someone shared the information.
Anonymous said…
Big writeup in the Times today on the Horace Mann building.

I think the school district is going to be thinking long and hard about letting any group use their buildings after this.

Unknown said…
Kindergarten jump-start today is being held in the middle school area because the kindergarten rooms smell like smoke :(

Like Joanna, I wish that if anyone has any actual information to please share it. Speculation and innuendo isn't helpful.

Probably this is the work of a deranged individual. But if anything could be improved by community action, those with information will need to share it.

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