Mayor's Arts Awards (free concert for the kids)

From the City of Seattle:

Mayor McGinn will present free Mayor’s Arts Awards ceremony Friday, August 30 at 4 p.m.

SEATTLE — The 2013 Mayor’s Arts Awards ceremony will take place this Friday, August 30 at 4 p.m. at the North Fountain Lawn of Seattle Center. The honorees include two individuals and four organizations, and represent categories ranging from promoting arts as a means of social change to artistic excellence. The Seattle Arts Commission recommended the recipients from a pool of more than 600 public nominations, a new record. The Mayor’s Arts Awards recognize the contributions of artists, arts and cultural organizations and community members who make Seattle a city of creativity. The ceremony is open and free to the public.

The 2013 categories and honorees are:

· Future Focus: 826 Seattle

· Cultural Ambassador: Barbara Earl Thomas

· Venture Culturalist: Frye Art Museum

· Arts as the How: Pongo Teen Writing Project

· Raising the Bar: Preston Singletary

· Artistic City: Seattle Repertory Theatre

After presenting the arts awards, the stage will be turned over to Superintendent José Banda and Sandra Jackson-Dumont, chair of the arts education committee of the Seattle Arts Commission, who will present the public launch of the arts education initiative, The Creative Advantage, which aims to reinvest in Seattle’s students and our community’s economic and creative future by addressing current inequities in arts access and restoring arts education to all Seattle classrooms.
Following the launch of The Creative Advantage, and in honor of arts education and the positive impact of music on developing youth, School of Rock will take the stage at 5:30 for a free concert. School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and prepares students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting. The concert also honors the 2013 Bumbershoot lineup.

End of press release

More arts investment for Seattle children - as Martha would say, it's a good thing.  (And Yay! to 826, a great free tutoring and mentoring group.) 


KBF said…
This is a welcome piece of news. I'm impressed with the list of recipients and excited Banda is doing something to get art back into the schools.
Thanks for sharing.

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