Where is the Legislature with the McCleary Mandate?

Good wrap-up from John Stang over at Crosscut. 

Pieces of that question include: What's "steady progress"? What does a 2018 deadline really mean? If you measure progress on a make-believe linear graph, where does Washington stand? How does the lack of a cost-of-living raise for teachers factor in?

"Did they define 'steady progress?' " asked Rep. Gary Alexander, R-Olympia.

"They did not define 'steady progress,' " replied Susan Mielke, attorney for the House K-12 Education Committee.

When the Legislature submits its progress report to the Supreme Court no later than Aug. 29, legislators need to ask for those clarifications, said Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, and a member of the eight-person House-Senate committee tasked with editing and approving the staff-written report.


Anonymous said…
The vast majority of the money ($600m+) comes from I-732 teacher COLAs. So yet again teachers subsidize our schools.


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