Tuesday Open Thread

Contract talks march on. 

Diane Ravitch endorses Sue Peters for School Board.

Addicted to your computer (or is your child)?  Here's an article from the NY Times with a couple of book suggestions.

Speaking of algebra, I came across this website recently - The Algebra Project

What's on your mind?


Unknown said…
The Algebra project is interesting. I am reading a book by its founder, Robert Moses. He is into Math competency as a civil right and Algebra as a gateway for college entrance. I wish I could find some more actual data on the website. I hope I'll know more after reading his book.
Anonymous said…
More info on the Algebra Project, from the UW Center for Multicultural Education -

The Algebra Project

Anonymous said…
And be afraid be very afraid

Pearson acquires ADHD testing.. good times ahead.


-Future ADHD person
Anonymous said…
Some people are receiving emails from the district about a possible teacher's strike and making plans for September 3rd. This was someone in West Seattle. I haven't heard anything from Hale.

Anonymous said…
From SPS:

The Seattle Education Association (SEA), which represents teachers, rejected the district's latest contract proposal. They plan to meet again on September 3 to vote on whatever the proposal is at that time.

With the start of school on September 4, we are encouraging families to develop back up plans should Seattle Public Schools not open on time.

We realize the impact a labor strike would have on our families. We are working with child care providers and the City of Seattle to develop options for your students in the event school is not in session on September 4. Those resources, along with other information, will be posted tomorrow at www.seattleschools.org. We will send you additional messages as new information is available.

Again, we are working to reach an agreement with teachers, but it is possible that school will not start on September 4. Please visit www.seattleschools.org for additional information.

Thank you for your patience and support during this time.

Seattle Public Schools
Office of Public Affairs

Anonymous said…
Yep, I saw that on the web page. They must not be worried about high schoolers because we have received nada.

name said…
Wow do we really want microsoft telling schools how to evaluate teachers? This sounds like something MGJ would have implemented had she stayed:
Anonymous said…
My out of state emergency contact received the phone call. First time that has happened. Makes me wonder if all of the data transferred into the new student software system correctly.

Maureen said…
I received the phone call and an email (one 10th grader).
Anonymous said…
Still have received neither a phone call nor an email. I'll check with my out of state contact.

Anonymous said…
My out-of-state emergency contact also received the call, though I did not. Did the district intend to call our out-of-state contacts?

Anonymous said…
So in the OMG category in relation to modern day IT. Per this story from King5 the data for the new enrollment/student information system is being keyed in by hand. :-(

It does not make sense to choose the most time consuming and error prone method to transfer information. I don't know if the new vendor had a fabulous sales presentation or what to convince the IT decision makers to take this approach.



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