Saturday, April 19, 2008


Are you kidding me? Another molester in SPS gets sentenced?

This article appeared in the PI today. This particular useless bit of human flotsam was quite the operator. Here's a guy - a former police chief from a small Eastern Washington town - who comes to Seattle to be a PE teacher. I'm pretty sure the district probably was quite happy to have him. (He worked first at BF Day and then Rainier View.) A friendly fellow, he ran an after-school ballroom dancing class. But he fixated on a group of sisters from an immigrant Cambodian family where mom didn't speak English. And he groomed those girls (and buttered up the mom) and then molested them.

BF Day officials reprimanded him for this unseemly relationship. But he continued the relationship with the girls (unknown if the school knew this) but gets accused of molesting his own granddaughter. But the parents of his granddaughter didn't want a trial and let him plead to a lesser charge. Okay, but during that investigation the girls at the school were questioned (so someone, somewhere told the prosecutors about those relationships if the girls were called in) but the girls denied it. (They only told each other. One told her mom but mom did nothing and the girl figured no adult would believe her. That's just heartbreaking.) So someone told the prosecutors about these girls or they got the file from the school and - based on what was in the file - followed up with the girls.

(It is unclear from the article how long he was at each school.)

He was placed on leave from RV during his trial and there was a court order barring him from being around minors but naturally, he ignored it and continued to molest these poor girls (until one, a 7th grader, read a book that opened her eyes and she told a teacher who - and this too is unclear in the article - told someone who called the police.) The conviction made it easy for the teacher/principal/district to act on what the 7th grader said but I worry that if he hadn't been convicted of assault on his granddaughter, would anyone have believed the 7th grader?

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