Change to Blog

After reading the blog comments posted while I was camping the last two days, I decided it's time to experiment with a change to the blog.

I have changed the settings to require "registration" in order to post a comment. This doesn't require you to reveal your true identity when posting, but it does require you to register with some kind of a name and use that when commenting.

If you have technical problems with doing this or want to voice your opinion privately, send me an e-mail message.



anonymous said…
Thanks for making this change Beth.
dan dempsey said…
testing 1,2,3
When will this change take place? It appears I am looking at another anonymous posting, but it is a blue underlined anonymous.

I agreed with blue underlined anonymous at 6:09 PM

Beth thanks for making this change.
Beth Bakeman said…
I have already put the change in place, but I am obviously not completely clear on what it means.

It looks like the "Anonymous" above has "registered" with Blogger, which is the requirement I put into place. My guess is he/she picked the name "anonymous." I'm not sure whether that will be our only "anonymous" on the blog or whether others will be able to pick the same name.

My goal is making this change is simply to make conversations easier and clearer. We'll see how/if it works.
anonymous said…
I was the anonymous at 6:09PM. I registered, but then had to change the screen name from anonymous to 1964. I'm testing now to see if it worked.
Maureen said…
Thanks Beth--this should make it much easier to follow the discussions!
dan dempsey said…
Awesome 1964,

Great work.

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