Thursday, April 17, 2008

No, Tracy Libros is NOT Leaving SPS (Thank Goodness!)

Elsewhere in this blog someone mentioned that Tracy Libros, head of Planning and Enrollment, was no longer head of it. Panic seized me as Tracy is only one of a handful of staff that we cannot live without. Her long background in enrollment planning coupled with her institutional knowledge of this district (and the major factor that she does her job superlatively and with grace and calm) means we CAN'T lose her.

Luckily, we're not.

When she got bumped up to manager of Planning and Enrollment, it left her previous position as head of Enrollment Services empty. Well, they have finally filled it and Mary Brown is in that role and Tracy is her boss.

Whew! Carry on.


seattle citizen said...

whew, indeed! Yes, superlative, grace, calm, institutional knowledge....all describe Tracy to a "t" (for Tracy!)

jp70 said...

Speaking of Tracy, I received this e-mail today (not sure where to post it but may be of interest to those in NE cluster):

NE Cluster Capacity Meeting
Thursday, April 24
7:00 PM
Bryant Elementary Library
3311 NE 60th

Bryant will host a community meeting on capacity issues in the NE
cluster on Thursday April 24th. As some of you are aware, the demand
for kindergarten spaces for 2008-09 was high. The district has met
the capacity issue by adding four new kindergarten classes in the
cluster for next year, yet the demand for kindergarten spaces greatly
exceeded the number of seats available.

Join Don Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer of Seattle Public Schools,
and Tracy Libros, Manager of Enrollment and Planning, for a problem-
solving discussion. School Board Members including Harium Martin-
Morris will also be in attendance. The intent of the meeting is to
engage in civic conversation regarding capacity in our neighborhood
schools. Interested community members are invited to attend.
Questions: please contact Bryant Principal Linda Robinson
(lrobinson@seattleschools.org) at 252-5200 or Bryant parent Lauren
McGuire at 527-6900 (mcguirelauren@gmail.com).

SS said...

Where to post a question about the WASL week?
I don't know where/how to request this. How have your students responded to the WASL this week?
All elementary, middle & high schoolers are in the grind. Do they feel comfortable and prepared? What subjects do they feel at a loss with?
In Science, my 10th grader says they haven't at all covered the subjects in the WASL. Is this an individual school gap or do the SPS not cover what the WASL covers?
What about the younger ones?