Thursday, April 17, 2008

Week of Action for Global Education-April 21-27

This op-ed appeared in today's PI by Mary Njoroge, the former director of basic education for Kenya's Ministry of Education (and now an ed consultant).

I hadn't heard of this week before; apparently Wednesday, April 23rd is the World's Biggest Lesson. From the op-ed:

"Millions of schoolchildren will simultaneously learn about the importance of allowing all the world's children to have access to an education, and what they can do to help their counterparts in their own countries and around the world. Although this lesson will primarily be taught in classrooms, it is a lesson we can all learn."

Anybody's teacher mention this to your student?

I think it sounds great. Education is the great leveler in the world. It's easy to control people if you keep them uneducated and poor especially in countries that don't emphasis education. With our presidential election coming up, it is important to keep education as an issue. The war is major, the economy may be tanking but, in the end, if we don't educate our children properly, these problems will not only not go away but will get worse.

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dan dempsey said...

Speaking of being leveled with education.

Check out Bangalore India

Here is a perspective written by an Indian born PhD. who lives in Vancouver, WA.