Sunday, April 13, 2008

Organizations Helping Schools

I can't recall if I ever mentioned this School Kids Come First but thought it worth mentioning again in light of discussions here about inequities in fundraising. From their website:

"School Kids Come First solicits proposals from teachers throughout the Seattle Public School system. Projects must involve direct student benefits, and must also provide an experience or an opportunity beyond the textbooks and supplies needed for basic education (which School Kids Come First does not fund).

All proposals are screened by School Kids Come First to verify the teacher, the school, the principal’s support, the exact purchase requested, the vendor, and the cost. After a project is fully funded, School Kids Come First makes the purchase,delivers the materials to the teacher and notifies the donor(s) that the project has been fulfilled. When possible the donor will also receive a thank you letter and photos so they can see and read about the results of their donations. The 15% fulfillment fee included in the funding cost of each project covers the cost of the web site, verification, administration, and documentation."

Sort of a district-wide mini-grants for schools and teachers and akin to the foundation related to PTA fundraising in Portland.

School Kids Come First was founded by Dick Lee and Rich Carr; thanks guys!

There's also a group called Team Seattle Athletics which supports middle and high school athletes. There isn't a lot of info at the website. It looks like Mr. Lee started this program as well. It looks like Tully's and the Sonics/Storm Foundation are the main partners of this group.

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