Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Open Thread

So the WASL starts next week for middle and elementary school students (this is round 2 for high school students with the math and science WASL). Is your school gearing up in any way?

I learned that only Roosevelt and Garfield have large 9th waitlists for the high schools. I thought it odd that Ballard didn't, given the problems of accommodating QA/Magnolia students, but maybe many have fled to private schools or are willing to go further north to Ingraham or Hale.

What's happening (good or bad or confusing) at your school?


seattle citizen said...

We read in today's Times that good stuff is happening at John Marshall School:
826 Seattle book, It's Supposed to be About Happiness, written by Marshall students, is published. Party and signing at 6:30 PM Thursday, 4/10, at Marshall.Times columnist Nicole Brodeur wrote about it today.
Here is the link:

anonymous said...

I love choice, but I am also perplexed at how schools can be so completely and utterly different?? Our older son went to an elementary school that had so many field trips that I wondered if he ever learned anything inside of a class room. Our youngest son goes to a school with a great reputation (and big wait list), and has been on only two field trips all year long, and no more planned. Seattle seems to be a district of extremes, all or nothing. I wish there were a middle ground. Sadly, parents don't even know all of the questions to ask at the school tours and fairs (at least I didn't).

SE Mom said...

Melissa and others:

I am quite curious to know what the distance cirlce around Garfield is for students who got a seat for 9th grade for next year. I have heard in the past that it was around 4 miles and would expect that to have shrunk.

Melissa Westbrook said...

I really don't know - 4 miles seems huge to me. You could call enrollment or call the school and ask.

hschinske said...

I was surprised that we had only a couple of days to figure out high school class choices for next year -- the Garfield catalog came home yesterday and the forms are due back tomorrow!

Helen Schinske