From District Communications:

Dear Community Members,
We want to let you know that all District computer and network services will be down for a planned outage starting Friday, 1/2/2009, at 5:00pm. All systems will be back on line not later than Monday, 1/5/2009, at 6:00am. This work was planned in advance to minimize interruption and inconvenience to our community and to district staff.

We want to ensure that community members still have access to capacity management, so the capacity management web pages will be available to the public via an alternative web connection. Web site visitors will be redirected automatically to this site.

This is critically important. A large Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will be installed that will support the entire Data Center in case of a power outage. Once the UPS is installed, central computing and network services, including the VAX computer system, will be protected from power outages. This will significantly improve the availability of these systems and correct a long-standing vulnerability. Other upgrades and maintenance will be performed during this time.

District staff will not have access to their district email during this time. Any email you might send during the outage will be saved so that it can be viewed when the system is back on line.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we install this very important equipment to protect our resources.

And sincere wishes for a Happy New Year!!

>Bridgett Chandler


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