KUOW Creates Public Insight Network

Just heard about this on KUOW 94.9 FM, our public radio station. The Public Insight Network is trying to create a network of people who might be able to add insight to stories they are working on. It sounds like they are looking for both people who know a lot and people who have compelling stories.

It sounds like you sign up and answer some questions on a story(ies) they are working on that you are interested in. One current story is school closures so I am sure there are people here that might want to sign up. A person at KUOW will read the e-mails (nothing will go on air from e-mails) and then a reporter or producer might call you to give an interview or input.

I applaud KUOW for trying to do this outreach and find new voices or people to speak on issues rather than the usual suspects (Board members or Dr. Goodloe-Johnson).


Carolyn Adolph said…
I'm running the Public Insight Network at KUOW. Melissa's got it right. If you go to kuow.org and look for the light bulb, you'll see that I have some questions up about school closures. Please give us your insights. We're using them to deepen and enrich our news coverage. Be aware that we're looking for a relationship beyond one set of questions. We're going to want to email you about once a month with more questions. The good thing is you get to tell us directly what else we should be covering. The Network works by email, but we really want to hear from people whether they have access to a computer or not. People without email addresses can call me at 206.221.0746.

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