March and Rally to Stop Closures

March and Rally to Stop Closures and Support Schools

Sunday, January 25

2pm @ TT Minor School, 1700 E Union

March to Garfield Community Center, 2323 E CherryRally 2:30-5pm.

Come anytime! This is an all-city, family-friendly event with music, food and good company. Come share your school's success stories, voice frustration, or just find out what's going on!

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owlhouse said…
Thank you Beth, for posting.
Free said…
Thanks, Beth. There will be a bakesale at the rally . . . contributions are welcome.
Jet City mom said…
so do we take our donations to garfield?
owlhouse said…
Yes, to Garfield Community Center (adjacent the school @ 23rd/Cherry) would be great. We'll be there, in the gym, from noon-ish.

Can't make it to Garfield? We'd also welcome donations at TT Minor 17th/Union, anytime after 1p.

See you there.
concerned said…
Beth or Melissa -
I am sorry this is off topic, but I wasn't sure how else to get a question to you two.

Does anyone know how the principal selection process will work for all these school closures/moves? I was at a community meeting yesterday with Michael DeBell, and he said something very concerning. He said that due to the principal's union, the district cannot choose who is going to be a principal at a given building.

The wrong principals for the APP splits could definitely lead to two new Madronas. The principal was a major problem when the district experimented with co-housing before. We've been told that we will have a principal who is educated in gifted education. As Dr Vaughn wrote to us, "We will have stellar leadership for both elementary sites and will support current middle-school principals in reviewing nationally-renowned exemplary programs for highly gifted students." Michael DeBell told us yesterday that the district cannot guarantee this due to contractual rules. It also sounds like the district has much less control over teachers than they are leading us to believe.

I thought this topic might also be of interest to those who might sign up for the new K-8 at Jane Addams. Perhaps a principal will get assigned there to create a whole new school who is less than stellar.

Thanks again for all your hard work on this blog. It is very helpful during these stressful times to have a place to come to get information. There is also a great pool of knowledge here.
WS said…
Also somewhat off-topic but regarding what's happening this final weekend before the vote - we were the only media reps at Steve Sundquist's Saturday afternoon community meeting and published this (lengthy) report late last night, in case anyone is interested. One of the parents in attendance mentioned Michael DeBell had a meeting earlier in the day - haven't seen any reports on that, though. Here's our Sundquist meeting report at WSB. - Tracy
Sort of on topic
On another thread, North-end mom posted "Seattlehorn, A "no" vote on the final recommendations will kill the Summit program, whereas a yes vote, with an amendment (from the Board) to relocate Summit, is the only possibity of saving the program. A march for "no closures" is effectively a march against the Summit program."

How was this issue handled at the march?
James W said…
concerned, I am also wondering about the principal situation. I understand all the affected staff gets "super seniority" --- so does the district even get a say in who goes where? Let's face it, some principals are great and some aren't. And the design teams are headed by the principals! There are elements beyond the district's control that could make or break this process.
owlhouse said…
north seattle mom-
Thank you for calling more attention to Summit's position. The march for "no closures" - includes closure of programs, and in no way should be interpreted as a march against Summit.

My understanding is that Summit is promoting multiple options for the continuation of their program. Summit has communicated viable solutions to the Board and to community allies who continue to advocate for them.
Free said…
The predicament of Summit was addressed at the rally today following the march.
samdinista said…
Will you begin a thread to discuss whether there should be a vote of no confidence on the leadership of Maria Goodloe-Johnson?

If any of you support a vote of no confidence in MGJ, please make your voice heard now.

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