Meetings this Week

So what's coming up on the closure front this week?

First, there's the meeting at Lowell tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. I would hope as many Board members as possible would attend given how many communities (Thurgood Marshall, Lowell - and its parents from all over the city - and TT Minor) are involved. I note that there was a good turnout of Board members for the Cooper meeting and I would expect the same for Lowell.

Second, there's the regular Board meeting on the 21st at 6 p.m.

Third, there's the final public hearing on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the district headquarters. I'm signed up to speak at that one. There are 40 people signed up with 16 speaking on closures in general and 8 about Lowell - the rest are Pathfinder, AAA. TT Minor, Summit and Cooper. According to the website, this is the last time for public comment in person but they will accept e-mail until January 29th when final announcements are made.

Interestingly, all three agendas for these meetings are already on the website. The January 29th meeting agenda stays true to the last announcements and includes the necessary revisions to Board policies to allow these closures/consolidations. I have to wonder about the need to publish this agenda so far ahead of the final announcements. It does make it seem like the Lowell meeting is a formality and nothing said will be changing any minds nor will anything else that the public may be telling the Board. As well, why isn't the Board changing the Board policy on Wednesday when they have a regular Board meeting instead of waiting until the 29th?

Fourth, there's the Strategic Plan/Budget/Assignment Plan meeting on Saturday, the 24th from 10-noon at the Stanford Headquarters.


Ben said…
SPS says the Lowell meeting is a formality. The only reason they are having the meeting in the first place is because Lowell was—at one time—on the closure list. So, even though it is no longer on the closure list, they are required to have a hearing.

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