Historic Inauguration

My sons are also attending the inauguration (they are 21 and 17). I had hoped to go with them but am not able to. My son at Roosevelt will be writing an article for the student newspaper on it. We did try to get standing room tickets from either Murray or Cantwell (I even asked before Obama was elected) but no dice so they will be standing with the other masses on the Mall.

I bring this up because I had been speaking to a cousin in New Jersey who works in an elementary school. She said they had hoped to do a mass viewing from streaming video but it didn't seem like it would work so they likely would be watching in classroom tvs.

I really hope that SPS is encouraging schools to allow this to happen. Every inauguration is historic but this one is of massive significance. It could be a great learning opportunity about how we elect leaders and our traditions around them. (Example: Obama doesn't have a family Bible and so is using the Bible that Lincoln was sworn in on.)

Has anyone heard about inauguration viewing at your school?


Anonymous said…
I don't know if Lowell is doing anything as a school, but our daughter's 4th grade teacher said she might try to project it on the large screen in the classroom through her computer.

Since the 4th grades are all beginning history units right now, I'd certainly like to see them all have the chance to see it live. We're also taping it at home-as a biracial family this event is of huge importance to all of us.
Jet City mom said…
I received an invitation today but wasn't planning to go. My daughter would love to go- she already has someone to stay with ( her best friend attends Georgetown) but airfare is too high.

I was curious though if an invitation allowed any special access or maybe a commemorative handwarmer ?

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