How are the buses this morning?

My husband just headed out with our son to his bus stop, and saw an unusual sight--an older girl (middle school? high school?) looking like she is waiting for her bus.

He quickly called me at home to confirm whether buses were running on their regular routes (they are).

The side streets in our North Seattle neighborhood are still very slushy. I was surprised we didn't have a two-hour late start.

So, was/is your kid's bus on time this morning?


My husband just called back--our son's bus picked him up about 15 minutes late, not such a big deal.

However, as my husband headed to I-5, he passed a school bus in the ditch at Ashworth & Roosevelt (near Ingraham HS). He said the kids looked very sad, standing in the cold outside the bus.

Also, he said he saw many more kids than usual waiting for buses.
anonymous said…
It's an hour long commute for our son to get to/from school on a regular day (and his school is only 2.5 miles from our house). We don't even think about using the buses during inclement weather. We drive.
hschinske said…
My son's bus was a few minutes late, but nothing unusual. We did see a bus that we don't usually see at all, so presumably that one was more like fifteen minutes late (or taking an unusual route).

Helen Schinske
momster said…
my middle schooler gave up on his bus after about 15 minutes; walked back and dad drove him.
My son's bus was on time - seems we FINALLY got a permenant driver.
Free said…
No problems with the 710 from Magnolia to Capitol Hill.

How about a thread to discuss Dick Lilly's article in Crosscut today . . .
Ben said…
My first-grader and I gave up after waiting 30 minutes. I drove him in.

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