Updates Before Jan. 29th

First, I just looked at the agenda for the Thursday meeting for final recommendations. Please note:

This meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.

I make this note because other hearings have started at 6:30 and I didn't want anyone who wants to attend to go late.

The agenda goes (1) vote on closures (2) vote on changing Board policies about SBOC and (3) vote on changing reference areas for TT Minor, Van Asselt, Cooper and Wing Luke. The amendments, if any are presented, will come before the vote on closures. Each amendment will be introduced, talked about and then voted on. Those votes will then influence what the final closure package will look like (this will keep Pam and Joan, the Board admins are on their toes; it'll be a busy night if they need to include any changes to the final package of closures.)

Second, the minutes from the Lowell public hearing are up on the website.

Third, the minutes from the last public hearing last week are also available.


ArchStanton said…
Does anyone know if this will be broadcast on Ch.26?

It seems important enough to warrant it, but last Thursday's (1/22) meeting hasn't been broadcast (that I can tell) and it hasn't been posted to the SeattleChannel website.
Per Pam Oakes, it will be televised on our Education Channel 26 (Comcast) Channel 75 (Millenium) however, it will be a live broadcast only with none of the usual rebroadcasts.
joanna said…
Sherry Carr's amendment is only one among many that demonstrates the ridiculousness of the entire plan around Lowell. This would change the estimated numbers for a split and generally add to chaos to the programs and proposed co-locations. But of course, leaving the original proposal as it is without the amendment seems silly. Thinking about these matters are not good. The change of reference area for TT Minor is geographically too weird to endure.

For all of you whose schools and communities are not destroyed under the current proposal, you are lucky, until a new power structure comes along and rearranges your community beyond recognition. Celebrate while you can.

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