Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Virtual Rally for Kids

Washington's Children's Alliance is hosting a Virtual Rally for Kids, aimed at state legislators. The message? "Kids are counting on you." You can check it out here.

Personally, I love the Children's Alliance. They're fun, smart, and know how to get things done--rallying families, developing policy briefs and lobbying legislators.

They are also good at giving thanks, acknowledging the great work done by many elected officials at their annual Breakfast of Champions. Think about it--once you've been publicly recognized as a champion of children, would you dare make decisions that go against kids' interests?

To my knowledge the Children's Alliance has never taken on K-12 funding. Their current initiatives include early learning, healthcare for kids, nutrition and foster care advocacy.

Regardless, I think as public school advocates, we can learn a lot from Children's Alliance's strategies.

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Free said...

Thanks for that info. ESP Vision is planning a nonvirtual, all-district rally for Saturday, January 25 starting 2 pm at TT Minor.

While the interview is short, I encourage you to listen online to today's KUOW Conversation segment with SPS teacher Jesse Hagopian (about 34 minutes in) here.