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"On Tuesday Oct 6, 2009 the district will release the new attendance boundaries. A video of the board work session presentation will be available on the district website. The proposed attendance area boundary maps will be presented at the board work session and made available Tuesday evening on the district website.

A helpful and new tool for families is a Web-based program that displays initial attendance area school assignments based on an address. The tool will be available beginning the morning of Wednesday, October 7 on the district Web site.

Each school will also have a computer available to families to enable them to look up information on boundaries and assignments." (bold mine)


nacmom said…
wow! I'm impressed. hope it doesn't crash!
Chris said…

The maps are posted at the District Site.
Sue said…
The button is already on the website, and worked great for me.

Pretty neat!
Anonymous said…
Viewlands has an attendance area on the Whitman map. Hmm.

I've only looked at the north-end maps so far. I can spot a few areas along the Whitman/Eckstein border that will probably cause some outcry.

Speaking selfishly, the result for my household is good. And the button feature is nifty!
WallingfordMom said…
A bit of a conflicting info from the button. The maps seem to indicate the JSIS attendence area ends at Wallingford Ave. The website tool indicates the JSIS area goes to Stone Way. Anyone know which one is correct?
WallingfordMom said…
Nevermind.. the boundry for JSIS appears to be Interlake. My husband pointed out that you can zoom in on the map to better see the streets.

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