Look hard for 1033 on your Ballot

I nearly missed voting on Initiative measure 1033 because of where it is located on the ballot.

It is in the lower left corner of the first page at the bottom of the instructions.

Do not presume that the whole left column is instructions - Initiative 1033 is at the bottom. Look for it. Find it. Vote NO.


I saw one comment elsewhere saying that if you were too dumb to see it, too bad. Reminded me of the butterfly ballot in Florida and those "dumb" seniors. 1033 almost gets lost under the instructions.
Dorothy Neville said…
Have to admit of all the robocalls I have ever gotten, the one yesterday to explain this was helpful. The other three political robocalls I got yesterday, not so much.
Agreed! You really have to look for it. I almost missed it.
Michael said…
Vote YES!
Sahila said…
Vote NO.... Michael - do you realise that education funding will be cut even further under 1033, and those cuts will be made permanent???? Why would you want to do that to our kids?
Steve Zemke said…
What is deceptive about the I-1033 ballot title is that it talks about limiting growth, when it is really a budget freeze. The Washington State Attorney General's Office obviously did Tim Eyman a favor with this ballot title.

Adjusting for inflation only allows you to purchase this year's goods next year at their inflated price. And in actuality an additional problem is that Eyman's proposed adjustment is for consumer prices, and that index does not track government service costs like for Medicaid or education.

There is no free lunch. We have already cut $1.5 billion from education this year. Let's guess how people will feel about the few dollars people might get rebated to them on their property taxes when they see the decreased education their children will get.

Colorado passed a similar measure to Eyman's I-1033 and spending for K12 education went from 35th to 49th in the country. Maybe we can be 50th.
Steve Zemke said…
Here's a YouTube video link that explains what happened in Colorado after they passed their version of I-1033. Vote No!


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