Old Hay Meetings

From a reader:

SSIA Announces Two Collaborative Community Meetings
to Discuss Old Hay School

Successful Schools in Action will host two Collaborative Community Meetings to discuss Old Hay K-5 program options and a new name for the school.

WEDNESDAY, October 21st
6:30-8:00 pm
Coe Elementary Cafeteria
2424 7th Ave. W.


THURSDAY, October 29th
6:30-8:00 pm
Catharine Blaine Elementary Library
2550 34th Ave. W.

With the recently released assignment plan and proposed attendance boundaries, the School District has announced the reopening of several schools, including the Old Hay school located on Boston Street, the location until this year of the SBOC.

This school will be renovated and reopened in 2011 as an Options School to help ease the overcrowding in our neighborhood schools. For the 2010-2011 school year, students will be bused and the program will be located in Lincoln High School.

Options schools typically offer unique programs and are all-city draws, with attendance preference given to a small, local geographic area. The District has proposed this school become a Montessori K-5 school, but they are asking for our feedback.

Please invite your friends and neighbors to attend. This is our opportunity to work together and provide input to the district on our newest neighborhood school. Hope to see you there!

Successful Schools in action is a non-profit group that supports the schools in QA/Magnolia. Here's a link: they have some great things going and it seems like a good model for other regions to follow.


southend girl said…
So a group outside of SPS is hosting a "what do we want from our brand new (old) school?" meeting? Do you think they could come down south and do the same thing for Rainier View? Oh wait, they're a Q.A./Magnolia group. And they will probably get just what they want - fantastic if SPS is going to become more customer service oriented.

There is no similar group for less advantaged areas and there may never be. This is an opportunity for SPS to step and say, "Hey, we could make a move toward equity and build trust and engagement if we involve the community and ask those affected what they wish for." Instead of just re-opening a decrepit building in the farthest southern corner of the city and calling it a day.
SPS parent said…
Southend girl, maybe you could start a "what do we want from our brand new school" Rainier View group? It's a start! And it's much more productive than blaming QA for advocating for their school.

Of course this doesn't alleviate the SPS responsibility to "make a move toward equity and build trust and engagement if we involve the community and ask those affected what they wish for."

However, if the district actually made that effort toward community engagement do you think it would be fruitful? I mean if the Rainier View community wouldn't organize to create a "what to do with Rainier View group" on their own, will they be available, ready and willing to participate in district sponsored community engagement?
ParentofThree said…
What about the foundationthat runs the New School, maybe reach out to them?
I agree; maybe you should ask The New School Foundation to organize such a group since they are dedicated to helping the children in the Rainier Valley community.

Or call up the district's Community Engagment office, asking them to contact all the relevant PTAs and set up a meeting. It seems like that is what they are there for.
MagnoliaMom said…
SSIA is hosting:

A Community Meeting
MONDAY, February 1st
7 - 8:30 p.m.
McClure Lunchroom

Please join the Program Design Team for an update and Q&A on what is happening with the newest school on the hill
Queen Anne Elementary (formerly Old Hay)

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