Just Don't Lose Sight of the Dates

After tonight's West Seattle SAP boundaries meeting, there is one tomorrow night at Denny from 6:30-8:30 and two at Mercer on Saturday (10-noon or 1-3). That's it for public input at meetings (or so it is said).

Then comes the Tuesday, November 3rd Board Work Session on the SAP boundaries. This is when all will be revealed on the high school boundaries. (My understanding is that ALL the boundaries will be clear before regular enrollment starts including geographic zones for Option Schools but that is much later.) Then on Wednesday, November 4th, the SAP boundaries will be formally introduced to the Board. Final vote is Wednesday, November 18th.

The meetings AFTER November 3rd, called Community Information meetings (one at Roosevelt and one at Rainer Beach, on the 5th and 7th respectively), are to clarify any questions.

I personally feel that we should all advocate for those meetings to be feedback meetings as well. First, because all options should still be open. The November 4th Board meeting is to introduce the boundaries, not vote on them. Second, we're all just seeing the new high school maps on November 3rd so how can we NOT give feedback?

There is a final public hearing on Monday, November 9th but honestly, that's a just legal requirement. That's the place to really give your comments.

My point is that we have two short weeks from introduction to the final vote. We deserve some attention from the Board on any and all issues because we are just seeing new maps. It's not like anyone is trying to drag the discussion out. There will be new information on the table.

I think any attempts by staff to say, "We had feedback meetings, no more feedback" should be met with a big NO WAY.

Anyone going to the final feedback meetings should try to buttonhole a Board member and tell them this and/or try to communicate it to the attendees.

We need to agitate NOW for feedback to be ongoing until the final vote.


WS said…
We just posted our story on the 1st West Seattle meeting:

Nothing explosive, according to the reporter who covered it for us.

Note that earlier in the day, the district told us the Denny/Sealth map error had been officially acknowledged in the boundaries FAQ (the direct link is in our story about the meeting and a standalone story we published beforehand when we got that word from district PA).

"What's next" dates for West Seattle include 3 neighborhood chats with Steve Sundquist before the final vote - Oct. 21, 24, and Nov. 7, per his website - Tracy at West Seattle Blog
West Seattle said…
can someone open a thread on the WS seattle meeting? I was unable to attend due to other commitments but I am curious to what other thought. that is if there are any West Seattle folks on this board.
ttln said…
The summary of comments leaves out the lop-sided distribution of elems. to middle schools, Madison only gets 4 feeders compared to Denny's 6, Whitman's 9, Eckstein's 9, McClure's 5, etc. Their numbers will drop from 900 to 500-600. Their very successful program will be unable to continue.

Also left out was the omission of student voice: There are students who want tie breakers based on grades and special interests (Jazz Band at Garfield, Bio Tech at Ballard).
h2o girl said…
This is what bothers me the most, really. They announce the maps, that they worked for months on, then on the day they announce them say that there is some "new data" that basically makes the north end high school borders obsolete. They don't say what the "new data" points to. We just have to wait and see. So the maps that we're all going to meetings and commenting on are not even the real proposed maps! They will present the revised maps with very little comment period and no real feedback meetings, just "information" meetings. If's so frustrating.
Maureen said…
Somewhat off topic, but it involves a date!

MyBallard just posted :

•The North Seattle School Fair is Saturday (10/16) morning from 9 to 11 a.m. Hear about the different public and private options for elementary and middle school. St. Alphonsus School Cafeteria (5816 15th Ave NW).

Does anyone know if people from the District (or the individual public schools?) go to this?
mkd said…
Books at RBHS, there were only six available for my son's history class Friday.
SolvayGirl said…
I don't get it...If they're not letting kids take books home, then why don't they have books? I can't believe the District doesn't replace lost books. Isn't that just part of the "cost of doing business"?
Maureen said…
Is it that a disproportionate number of RBHS kids don't register on time and they only order books for the ones that were assigned in the spring, not the number that actually show up? But that would only account for the freshman class--I would think they would assume that all of the freshman will show up for sophomore year (etc.). Wouldn't they?

Has the person who orders books made an official response?

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