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Before I leave for the Work Session I will put up threads for several categories for discussion as you may be seeing the maps as we at the meeting see them. I will be staying for the whole meeting to get a read on what staff and the Board have to say (as well as what might be a crowd).

I am going to see if Charlie attends the whole time. He and I may divide the Work Session discussion into sections so he and I aren't stumbling over each other to write about the SAP boundaries.

Please keep in mind as you see the maps:
  • staff did work very hard on these so we need to acknowledge that even as we may disagree
  • my opinion is that, barring any dramatic error on staff's part, the Board will not do much tweaking on these maps. I say that because to tweak in one area will invite dissent in other areas. They will have to tread carefully on what they change. What I would say is the boundary maps are wet cement at this point.
  • just because "that's where our kids have always gone to school" is not going to work on the Board or Dr. Goodloe-Johnson. Again, just an opinion but it's a new SAP day and things are bound to change.
  • the Board will ask questions and raise issues so if you are not attending the meeting, wait for the reports out from this blog as well as the newspapers. It may be that several Board members raise the same concern so don't take the maps as your only guide to what happens.


Sue said…
Thank you both for attending. Work prevents me from going, but I would have loved to see this.

The suspense is killing me!
ArchStanton said…
Yes, thank you both. Curriculum Night wins out this evening over the APP-AC meeting and the work session, for me.
So many choices, so little time.
Karrie said…
My husband just dropped a glossy overveiw copy of the maps on my desk. He said there were a stack of them in the lobby at Zoom Bilingual Education School (in Ballard). Amazing - glossy copies out in public but not up online yet. They all say Draft Map ID#001

I have only reviewed the maps from a personal point of view so far. We live on east Queen Anne so our reference schools are New Hay, McClure and Ballard. My daughter goes to Coe so the sibling tiebreaker will impact us for my 4 yr old.

Old John Hay is listed as an option school - interesting - wonder why. Any ideas?

And it appears from the very rough lines drawn that from a north/south perspective, all of QA and Magnolia go to Ballard HS and the north line is drawn at N. 85th with West line at the shore/Puget Sound and east line at 99.

My surprise... I was expecting Garfield given where we live on QA but am just happy to have some predictability. I also realize we are lucky to have the reference schools that we do.
I had a feeling this would happen. The Seattle Council PTSA had a meeting last night and they were looking for a person from each school who could be the SAP point person for that school. They mentioned maps but I couldn't believe the district would give them out before the announced date. This may be why.

Our district - never a dull moment.

Not surprised about Ballard but wait for the fireworks there. I'm surprised they didn't split QA/Magnolia going to two high schools but I guess not.
Steve said…
Thanks again, Melissa and Charlie. Your continuing efforts are greatly appreciated...
Laura said…
Over the summer, two questions to Tracy Libros went unanswered:
How will they handle dual program assignments (e.g. Montessori and contemporary at Bagley)? I see this is now an open thread, so if anybody has any insights, please share them in that thread.

Also, will free 1/2 day kindergarten options be available at all schools or will families be forced to "pay for K" at some schools. Currently, some schools offer free kindergarten (1/2 day or full day), and, at others, you must pay around $2,000/ year. Some schools with full-day kindergarten provide a free 1/2 day pull-out option, others do not. At all schools FRL families do not pay the tuition. I don't know if there are additional sliding scales to make things affordable.
Danny K said…
For those who don't hang out much in the shadier parts of Blogistan, David Goldstein AKA Goldie had two very good blog posts about the SAP this week. I wish they could be reprinted in the Seattle Times.

Sorry for the ugly URLs, the blog doesn't like HTML tags.
Sue said…
Quite honestly, I can't believe they weren't leaked earlier.

A leak the day of the unveiling is pretty good, considering staff had to know what the lines were since at least a month or two ago.

Going to be some big fireworks about Ballard, but I wonder if the district assumes that most North Beach/Blue Ridge parents send their kids to private high schools anyways, so they felt they could shaft them on this?

Should be interesting to say the least.
nacmom said…
Can anyone post/fwd maps? of course, they are not up on the site as of 4:31...
Hey look at this! Put in your address and out comes your elementary, middle and high school under the new plan --

This comment has been removed by the author.
sixwrens said…
thank you Melissa for attending and reporting! Will be interesting to hear about planned roll-out for elementaries, given there are 3 schools that need to be (re)openned.

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