Happy (Thankful) Thanksgiving

So amidst all the chopping and timetables (how can two trains get in at the same time?) and snow, I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. No matter your eating persuasion or family ties or travel plans, have a good time. We should be thankful for the country we live in, our family, our friends, our neighbors and our communities. This blog is a community and I appreciate the fellowship with people who care about public education (whether we all agree on how we get there).

Nobody gets through life alone.

So I am thankful for the continued good health in my family, my sons coming home back to the family fold and for the 14 years we had with our cat, Woody (he passed away unexpectedly at the vet's on Monday). We all will miss him especially his sister, Sofina.


Sahila said…
I want to say "thank you" for all you do here, Melissa - and Charlie too...

The Seattle public school community is very lucky to have you in its midst...

Blessings Be

Jan said…
Happy Thanksgiving. I too am thankful, Melissa for all that you, Charlie, and the other blogposters do to bring thoughtful debate and support to Seattle's schools.

And my thanks as well to all of the others whose comments here have taught me so much -- if I started with names, I would surely leave voices I value out. So I will just say -- thank you all.
hschinske said…
So sorry about your cat, Melissa. And happy Thanksgiving to all.

Helen Schinske
SolvayGirl said…
I too am thankful to all who interact here and share our ideas, dreams, opinions, triumphs and horror stories..and to Charlie and Melissa for spending untold hours searching for truth. And I am grateful to live in a country where open discussion of serious issues is not only accepted, but encouraged.

So sorry to hear about your Kitty Melissa. He was a lucky cat to have a family who loved him for 14 years.
another mom said…
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy this day with your dear ones.

Melissa, so sorry about your kitty.
peonypower said…
thank you Melissa for all you do for public education. I am so glad for this blog and all the information contained within.

Hope all your chopping and prepping goes well, and so sorry about your kitty. We currently have 5 cats and one of them is 14 and is showing her age.
India C.
Michael said…
Sorry to hear about your cat. That can be so hard to deal with, especially if you've had them for so long.

Anyways...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It is great to live in this sovereign nation, the greatest nation on God's green earth!!
Unknown said…

Thank you so much for all you do. I'm a sub in Seattle (hoping against all hope for a FT high school LA position). I have written something that I would love to send to you, and if you feel compelled, I would love for you to publish it on your blog. Please email me if this is ok.


Sara Hendrickson
Kat said…
Thank you Melissa and Charlie for all your work and research into complex issues. You did a lot of legwork and I recognize the enormous amount of time it absorbed from you lives.

I am a newer minted teacher who is substituting in Seattle. I am also a parent who is looking into middle and high school for my son. I appreciate the education you offered in your blog. Your oommentaries are always enlightening and useful.

I am grateful to your blog and want to join others in thanking you for all you do and what you enable all the other bloggers to do in teaching us about education.

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